Friday, 15 August 2008


So I didn’t go out on Wednesday as I was going to go to Salsa with Fargo, who then pulled out (lazy ass bitch!). However I forgot that Jordan wanted to go out as well and as he didn’t get my text I didn’t know that he was definitely up for it. So I should have called him but like I said, I forgot.

Anyway I was back in action on Thursday for day and night game. But the day game wasn’t great. I think I was a bit of low energy again from swimming. I’m upping my health kick a bit for these two weeks as I’m about to go travelling for two weeks so won’t be able to do anything. Plus I want to look good with my shirt off! Well, I do already…!

However the low energy from exercising seems to be impacting my ability to game a bit I think. There’s two approaches to dealing with this. Cut back on the exercise (which I did before) or work through it. I think for now I’m going to stick with the latter, as these are both things that I want.

So I went out on daygame, but wasn’t really feeling it. It took me a while to open, and when I did I was massively blown out by a hot Spanish chick that I went direct on. I opened some Swiss chicks indirectly with the “Do I look gay … a guy just pinched my ass” opener, but given that I haven’t used it before and was nervous I just wasn’t comfortable with it. I kept walking around abit more but I was going nowhere and called it a day.

What I need to do to improve this is to rely on the tried and tested indirect openers and just get the base level confidence working in effect. I saw a post from AFC Adam that said that people need to cover off “Game 1.0,” which is indirect routine-based game, before progressing to “Game 2.0,” which is direct game. I’ve noticed that I keep repeating myself on this and I’m sure it will sink in sometime soon! This is still my approach for now.

So for the evening it was time to test the water with Punk. I’d heard a lot about this venue, that it was a great night, that it was full of hot chicks, that it was a renowned hang out for celebrities. It kind of made me nervous as it sounded a bit intimidating. But despite my apprehensions I knew I needed to give it a shot.

I met up with Jordan and Richard and we went in. It was quiet to start with but we knew that would be the case. Looking back on it now we should have taken a leaf out of our learnings from Tiger Tiger and made friends with and flirted with one of the few groups of girls that were there early on. Something for next time. Instead we eased ourselves into the night and let the venue fill up.

When it had we hit the dancefloor and just tried to do what we could. There were a lot of large groups there and that made it a bit hard to mingle. I did my best, using the drug dealer bag opener a couple of times. But nothing was sticking really.

Though to be honest it didn’t really matter too much. The atmosphere in the club was awesome and I had a lot of fun just dancing and enjoying myself. I was in general sociable mode and every now and then dancing and sometimes chatting with various random people who were near us. I did a bit of spinning with one girl. I had some eye contact with a group of girls who were once again looking agape at Jordan’s dance moves. Other stuff happened.

Also worth mentioning was that it was fucking hot in there. I had to stand under the air conditioning units just to get by. A few trips outside helped me cool down. There were lots of groups of people outside, so that might be a place to hang out.

After being there for a good few hours we decided to call it a night at about 1.30. Jordan mentioned that we had been getting lots of interest from girls, that I hadn’t noticed. I asked him to tell me about them next time! But this means we need to approach more and it could work out well for us, as we may well have had interest from the girls without knowing it. I basically need to work on my dancefloor game.

Just as we left I did one direct opener on a couple of girls. It worked well but I didn’t have anywhere to go with it so I bailed. Jordan told me I should have number closed. I could have asked.

In summary: day game 2 approaches, night game 5+ approaches, none over five minutes.

What went well

  • Went to a place that I thought would be intimidating, and like everything else that I’ve thought in that way, it wasn’t and it was a lot of fun
What could have gone better

  • Opened a fair few sets but given that we couldn’t use conversation game found it hard to open and stay in set.
What did I do well that I haven’t done before

  • Went to Punk, improvised some dancefloor game approaches
As a footnote to last Tuesday’s report, I saw on the Project Rockstar thread that a bunch of those guys were at Sports Café when I was there and they had the same thoughts about and response to that night: it was full of frat boys and there wasn’t much to be done. So it puts my lack of action into perspective.

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