Saturday, 16 August 2008

Zen Chic

So there was a vague plan to meet up with the big Fearless LSS meet up on Friday evening. Fargo met with them then left to eat when I joined him. He reckoned they weren’t that much different from our normal crowd and as they were at On Anon it seemed to make sense to revert back to the standard Friday plan: Jewel.

Fargo has a disturbing addiction to America’s Next Top Model, and as a result takes things like GQ far too seriously. What this meant is that he turned up today in a jacket and waistcoat, complete with a fob watch. Apparently some fashion guru had said that waistcoats are in for men this season. I’m like, dude, what the fuck? It’s not my thing at all, but if it makes him happy then he should go for it. We called it Doctor Who Chic (as Doctor Who is central to success with pick up, and indeed everything in life).

I was wearing one of my shirts with a nice floral print on it, that generally gets a lot of love. Fargo mentioned that it was exactly the sort of thing that I should be wearing. We decided my look should be Zen Chic. Works for me.

Anyway Liam joined us and we went to Jewel. We picked a warm up set of one hot chick and an OK chick. Given the day game problems I had earlier I opened with my standard hair opener. For some reason the OK looking girl misheard something and said “Don’t touch me”. I actually misheard her – she said “Don’t judge me”. I hadn’t (she was a grumpy Polish girl after all) and after clearing things up with her friend she was OK. Although not the happiest person in the world it had to be said.

Anyway Liam occupied the fit one and after the regulatory five minutes we moved on.

Peter and Jordan joined us with a new guy called Marx. One or two of us got stuck into sets here and there and generally “worked the room” as they say. Liam and Fargo suggested I open a set. They didn’t look my type so at first I didn’t take them on. Then they mentioned a comment in one of my blog posts about how I find it easy to approach (which I do, when I’m in state) and I just kind of follow my legs. Though I didn’t take their bait immediately the comment sunk in, and I knew it wouldn’t hurt to try something out. So I walked up and opened with Pirates versus Ninjas.

They were into me straight away. We chatted about the opener for a while, then how they knew each other, and they started asking questions about me. We talked about travelling including visiting old sarging partner Przemec in Krakow, something I had arranged only hours earlier. We talked about F1 in motorcycles and cars and other random stuff.

Liam joined ostensibly to wing but somehow it disrupted the set. It didn’t matter as it turned out they were about to leave anyway. I said “We should stay in touch – what’s your number?”, and the hotter one of the two (who was more into me anyway) was only to happy to oblige. NUMBER CLOSE!

Though not typically my type she was hot and the others thought so too, so I’ll definitely try it on. I played it up a bit with the guys – might as well enjoy it while you can.

Liam wanted help so I played instructor for him to get him to open. He did though it was a tough set. Didn’t stay in long but at least he made the effort, so fair play.

The venue emptied out a fair bit so we moved on. We ended up at some random bar next to Digress. It was a nice place but there weren’t many sets. Someone left a whole load of cocaine scattered around the toilets, which was funny. After a drink we moved on.

We went to Bar Soho as a last resort. It’s a dive but at least it’s fun. There weren’t too many hot chicks. I danced with a girl doing basic salsa. It worked pretty well but she wasn’t up for taking it further, though I did notice her looking at me wistfully later on, haha. Started dancing with another chick but she actually has a boyfriend and was using me as a jealousy tool. Soon after we called it a night.

I don’t know why but we all thought and knew that Marx was a top guy, even though I don’t think he actually approached any sets that night (it was his first night back into sarging after months so fair enough). And he didn’t dance, which for a black guy surely isn’t allowed! But a cool guy none the less, and also apparently a squaddie, which is interesting in itself and something I’ll have to ask him about. Most army dudes that I’ve met are complete psychos! But he wasn’t. Fun guy to have around.

Summary of the night: sets opened: at least 4. Over five minutes: 3, including dancing.

What went well

  • Four really strong opens, and a number close
What could have gone better

  • Start day game earlier
What did I do well that I haven’t done before

  • Didn’t bail after two warm up openers, one of which turned out to be a number close.

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