Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Noticing Small Developments

So I meet up with Jake to do some daygame on a Friday. I’m knackered as I couldn’t sleep last night but I plough through. I also used my non-sleeping time to learn the state capitals of all of the American states. I’ve managed to remember most of them, and we use this as a routine from time to time throughout the day.

Jake wants an incentive so he gives me £100 and every time he opens a girl he gets £10 back. This takes the pressure off me so I open a few girls here and there while he’s in set. It also puts me in the instructor frame which gives me more confidence in general.

One girl I open is in Leicester Square on the grass listening to an iPod. I use the iPod opener and she’s listening to Coldplay. We talk about the new album and other things for a bit. It’s all good though I don’t stay in long.

I try to get Jake to open a girl taking a photo in Trafalgar Square. He won’t so I do instead, using “Are you a professional photographer?” We talk about Nelson for a while and the lions / dogs at the base. Again it’s all good despite the conversation not being long.

That evening I meet up with the regulars. We go to Tiger Tiger as a change from Jewel but it’s shit. We open a few sets. Liam and I open two South African Indian girls with the American state capitals opener and it hooks really well. We divide and conquer and Liam number closes his girl. Both girls are really into us – my one wants to join my band as a singer! – but mine’s not that hot so I don’t bother to number close.

I think I get blown out a couple of times but it doesn’t matter. Jordan’s having a tough time so I go instructor on his ass and get him to open. It works.

We split from Tiger Tiger as it’s shit and go to Jewel instead. Again we get a couple of blow outs. Liam and I open a large group of girls with the states opener again and I end up hooking with one of the girls, who works in HR for HSBC. I have a chat for a bit then eject, and as I do so she says, you can come back later if you want. I should have number closed again but she wasn’t quite floating my boat, though having said that she wasn’t bad, she was a borderline case as far as I was concerned!

As mentioned in my July review it’s after this night that I notice I have the alpha body language down, and I really don’t care about getting blown out any more. This is a really, really cool development and makes me very happy. Later Liam and Fargo mention to me that they can’t tell if my sets are going well or badly any more from my reactions, which shows that I have become more detached from the outcome. Good progress.

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