Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Awesome night, massive social proof and valuable lessons learned

So over the weekend I attended a seminar by The Natural Within, espousing natural direct game. To be honest apart from at a few points it was telling me stuff I already knew, however what I now realise is that subconsciously it allowed me to both be more myself and more comfortable with myself, and be aware and access my masculine nature (comfort, security, leadership, confidence, power) that comes through as a part of that.

Outside of that I didn’t really go out Saturday as I was tired and not in the right state of mind, and Sunday I was at a barbeque at my neighbour’s where apart from testing out a bit of my new alpha qualities there was nothing to mention sarging-wise.

So Monday I go to check out Tiger Tiger as recommended by Kingy and Andre. Earlier in the day I went for a swim for the first time in ages, and this must have done something to help my posture and body language. Well that tied in with me wearing a shirt. I’ve decided to start wearing shirts more often when sarging as I think I look better in them, despite the fact that I love wearing T-Shirts. I think this was born out by the results, plus that everyone I knew that I saw that night complimented me on it. Good posture plus good shirt equals results!

So I met up with Jordan in Tiger Tiger. Now Jordan is a very different person from me, high energy and excitable where I am low energy and laid back, I am probably more in my head than he is, and therefore maybe a bit more observant. He goes for peacocking whereas I just try to look good. And he has attention-seeking dancefloor game where I’m more into contact dancing (more explanation on that to follow). So I had my concerns about winging with him alone. But as it turned out it worked really well, as you’ll see.

After chatting for about half an hour Jordan spots a couple of girls and we decide to open them. One is pretty hot, about 7.5 or 8, and the other has nice boobs but not so pretty a face. I go direct with “Hi, I’m Charlie” we introduce ourselves and Jordan goes straight into the five questions routine. After a couple of weeks he’s finished explaining the rules and we go for it. The girl gets it wrong on the fourth question and we’re in. Jordan keeps on randomly mentioning “It’s the power of the mind, you see,” as though he was Derren Brown or something. Luckily the girls only notice its irrelevance once, and I manage to distract them at the other times. We do some normal chat for a bit and as the girls were sitting and we were standing I say to Jordan “Let’s grab a seat,” the girls are like, “Oh yeah, come and join us,” and we go and sit down (a.k.a. lock in).

Once seated Jordan with his high energy keeps the conversation going at full throttle. I kinda sit back a bit and interject with the odd relevant comment here and there. It works well, and we’re both getting attention from them. Then Jordan rapidly takes the conversation sexual with his “Italian kiss” (which sounds like pure BS to me!) and “sensitive neck” routine. I take this as a chance to add in a quick improvised Ross Jeffries-style imagination routine to help explain the concept: “Imagine a man comes up to you. He gently brushes the hair away from your ear, whispers something softly into it and begins to kiss your neck. You know how good that feels?” “…Yes…” “That’s my girl, now suck me off!” (…I didn’t say that last line…).

At some point the girls ask me if I know any touch-based skills. I reckon that now wasn’t the time to start talking about the deep spot or how to make a woman squirt, so I used touching the back of the arm that Grant talked about in the seminar. I think I did it wrong as she didn’t rate it. I think I should have used the palm of my hand rather than my fingertips.

Around this time a group comes and sits at the table next to us. As they pass a hot chick in the group gives me massive eye contact. I don’t know what I’m doing, but something’s going right. The social proof of the girls, the shirt, the posture… I’m on it tonight.

Anyway after a bit I am getting a bit bored as we’ve spiked their interest and unless we kiss them now we’re going to feel like dead wood. So we tell them that we’re going to look round the club for a bit. We do and the club is empty and so we go and chat at the bar. Andre arrives and we say Hi to him and his mates. Jordan tries the five question routine on another set of girls but fucks it up. They weren’t particularly interested (and he didn’t calibrate to that) and he takes about six months to explain the idea. Afterwards I point this out and show him how to explain it easily. I open a girl nearby with it and set it up in three sentences. My first question is “What’s the capital of France?” She replies with “Paris,” and then promptly ejects herself out of embarrassment. Hilarious!

The Turkish girls are dancing now and we go to join them. Here our contrasting approaches to dancing come to the fore. Jordan likes to breakdance and has a style of dancing that I don’t rate personally (I asked a random chick to rate him out of 10 on his dancing, she gave him a 3) but given that he has the courage to do it, it gets him some attention, even if it isn’t good attention. The other problem with this is that you don’t do breakdancing in pairs with a girl, it’s done on your own. So while he’s doing that, I’m dancing with the girls, spinning them, doing a bit of very bad salsa, just generally having fun and getting quite sexy with them. This is a way better approach to dancing in my opinion.

Either way, the key thing about this is that it was still quite early, there were a few people on the dancefloor but no one was very active. We were the people having the most fun in the club by a long margin. This provided us with a massive amount of social proof. Literally in every direction I looked, there were girls looking at us, wanting to fuck me. It’s like nothing I have ever seen before. It was awesome. We were lording it over the club, as Tim from RSD calls it.

And the social proof was about to pay of big time. At one point I go to the bar to get a drink. As I’m waiting, I get slapped on the arse. This can only be a good thing (unless you’re in a gay bar…). I turned round and one of the hottest girls that was looking at me when I was on the dance floor was there with her also pretty hot friend. Now that's my favourite kind of opener. She was a 9.5, really slim, beautiful face and clearly of mixed race, with a very light caramel tan. One part coffee, three parts milk. And she was 18, a mere 13 years younger than me. Fucking funny!

I start talking to her but quickly I find myself digging a hole of routine conversation, asking them about what she does and so on. I was actually quite impressed as she was an intelligent girl and not some dim party chick like a lot of the girls can be in these places. I was trying out a bit of qualification (e.g. “Who are you?”) which I picked up at the seminar but it wasn’t clicking. I think I was subconsciously scared of escalating in case I lost her, which of course happened. I kind of accidentally bored her off, something that’s happened to me in the past…

What could I have done differently? I could have physically escalated. I could have introduced high energy sexual teasing into the conversation. I could have isolated her and got physical. I could have at least number closed and given the opener I should have easily kiss closed. Even Jordan got the number of the other girl while I was talking to mine. It was a big fuck up but a huge lesson and a validation of the social proof that we’d managed to create.

After that while still at the bar Jordan tries the five question game on a shooter girl, who was a really friendly 9.5 or 10 American girl. She was awesome and the kind of person I would marry in a second. He does the five questions routine on her and she wins the game, so he has to buy a shot off her! She has a boyfriend and without Jordan (who’s leading the conversation) doing any boyfriend destroyers it’s a “next”.

We rejoin the Turkish girls again on the dancefloor and again I see another hot girl mime “That’s the one,” as she points at me. Fuck man I am so money tonight. However shortly after there is a turning point. The Turkish girls are now drunk (they got too excited?) and as the bar gets busier the remaining social proof we had starts to evaporate. Some other guys (PUAs? Probably knowing this place…!) come and dance with the Turkish girls and try to take them away from us. I let them have a go as I seriously don’t care that much, but although they have a dance they can’t keep them and they come back to me.

Sometime around this point I lose Jordan (the place is very busy now). To get away from the other guys me and the girls go outside, I also get the chance to cool down. I try to get their number at this point but it’s no dice. They’re drunk and I probably waited too long, didn’t escalate enough anyway.

After that my state, which has slowly been decreasing since I blew it with the 9.5 girl is pretty low. It’s midnight so it seems like a sensible time to go home. So no numbers or kiss closes, but a lot of social proof and I got opened by one of the hottest chicks in there. Fucking hell.

Points of note:
  • Escalate, escalate, escalate
  • Contact dancing is money
  • Social proof is sooo powerful
  • Shirts are the way forward
  • Confidence and masculine power are key
If anyone has any tips, please leave a comment!

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