Tuesday, 5 August 2008

July in Review

OK so now that I’ve completed the field reports for up to the end of July, it’s time to check in with my goals, review the month in general, and set some goals for August.

July Goals

By the end of July I will have number closed 15 times, 5 times with girls who are 7 or above

I have increased my number closing to 4 this month, but not 15 times. A 400% increase on June though so that’s something.

By the end of July I will have been to ten new venues for sarging, and have put together a list of venues for each day of the week that has the hottest girls

Partial success! I don’t know or remember if I have visited 10 new venues, but I do have a list of venues for each day of the week:

Mon: Tiger Tiger
Tue: Sports Café or Zoo Bar
Wed: Cheapskates or Salsa
Thu: Roadhouse (though I would like to find another one)
Fri: Jewel or Jrink
Sat: Brick Lane and I want to try Favela Chic
Sun: Pitcher and Piano in Fulham (still to try)

By the end of July I will have opened ten girls hotter than a 7.

To be honest I haven’t been keeping close track of this, but I’ve open loads of girls and most of them have been 7 or over, so I’ll count this as a success.

By the end of June I will have researched and implemented how to turn my conversation seductive, and used it five times.

Haven’t really done this, need to work on it.

By the end of July I will have kiss closed ten girls.

I have kiss closed no girls, so failure here

By the end of July I will have gone sarging solo five times.

I have gone solo sarging three times, but goddam it’s difficult.

Other stuff

Here are some general points that I have realised over the last month:

  • I became aware of my constant need for love and attention, I’ve dealt with it and I am more at peace with myself as a result.
  • I have read some of Psychcybernetics and used it with good effect. Need to continue with this.
  • I have improved by ability to force myself to open – like I have no control over my legs. Need to continue with this.
  • I have had four number closes and two follow up attempts, but no responses so this is the next area to work on.
  • I am feeling more confident in general. Seen an improvement in my body language and posture. I am caring less about getting blown out.
  • I have been attending talks and bootcamps which have helped a lot. I’ll continue to do this.
  • Definite improvement seen, which is really great.
New goals for August

  • Number close 15 times
  • Kiss close five times
  • Go on three “Day Twos”
  • Get laid once
  • Go out six times a week at least (day or night game)
  • Research and implement how to turn my conversation seductive, and use it five times.
  • Go sarging solo five times
  • Open at least five people each session and stay in set for at least five minutes once successfully opened.
  • Get some routines down to keep in conversation in set
  • Continue to use the Psychocybernetics visualisation techniques
  • Continue to attend LSS talks and bootcamps as costs allow (i.e. mainly the cheapest ones!)
Wish me luck!

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