Thursday, 7 August 2008

Solo Day Game Sarging Hell

I completely forgot that I was going to sort out my Vietnamese visa today. In fact I had promised myself no day game during the working week to sort out admin stuff. But when Jason called me inviting me out for day game I agreed without thinking. Later I remembered, and soon afterwards found my desk repeatedly banging my forehead …

Either way I went for a swim as well, and pushed myself a bit harder than usual so was a bit knackered. I tube it to Trafalgar Square to meet up with Jason. There’s a big TV screen and acrobats and stuff as they are setting up the area to show the Olympics coverage. I start chatting to two Polish girls (I managed to open solo!) when Jason calls me and we meet up.

It turns out that he and his mate Arran have been out approaching since midday, and four hours later they’re both knackered and ready to go home. We have a drink and sit on the steps. They both start chatting to girls either side, I eventually go and approach a single girl writing on a notepad. Turns out she’s from Chicago and has been working on a cruise ship for four months and is on her way home. We have a nice long chat about travelling and stuff. But she’s leaving for home tomorrow so there’s no point in getting her number. Still, I have a good long chat with her.

Arran gets me to open another girl, but she’s Italian and doesn’t speak any English. I have a brief chat but move on. I think Arran leaves shortly afterwards and Jason’s AWOL so I go for a wonder, to try and open on my own. I see three Spanish girls sitting in Leicester Square and go to open them. I default to the hair opener and then have a brief chat about various things, including my attempts to learn Spanish, which are very basic. Turns out that Michel Thomas is wrong and “reservaci√≥n” isn’t used – it’s “reserva". Bastard! Anyway.

Back in Trafalgar Square I say goodbye to Jason as he needs to go home. That leaves me with my hardest task. Solo day game. I’ve found this a nightmare before, and now I’m here again. I’ve opened four times and need to open five to meet my goals, but only two of them have been for more than five minutes. So I’ve got three more to do.

I wonder around for ages looking for someone to open, it’s hard. I go direct on two girls in Chinatown as they’re hot. I can’t stay in long as they’re in the middle of going to a restaurant but at least it’s an opener. I help someone with directions, but I’m not counting that as it’s not game.

I chat to two more Spanish girls back in Trafalgar Square for a few minutes, asking them about places to go in Barcelona (where I’m planning to go soon). I stick in there and keep talking at them, but the set isn’t hooking. At least the girls are hot. I stay in for close to five minutes and get by, but there’s no attraction.

Finally as I’m walking through Leicester Square I see two girls looking at some rings. I stop and talk to them about the rings – turns out they’re designed by one of their friends. The girls are from Brazil and South Africa, what a combination. They’re cute as well. I chat with them for long enough to complete my task.

It’s taken over an hour to do the last three sets and I’m tired and hungry. It’s time to go home. I do feel good that I pushed myself into the sets, and it was getting easier by the end.

So total for the day – 7 approaches, 4 over or close to five minutes, with slack allowed as most of it was done under the hardest conditions. 8.5 out of 10 I think!

What did I do well?

  • Forced through my crippling solo day game approach anxiety.
What could I do better next time?

  • Try and make the conversations more fun, introduce some teasing.
What did I do well that I haven't done before?

  • Forced myself to approach solo and have conversations. Previously I’ve only done simple tasks like asked for the time.
When I arrived back home I had a chat with my new flatmate, who is a natural in the truest sense of the word. Average looks, down to earth and friendly, fucks loads of hot women and has no idea how he does it. Turns out a friend he had round a few days ago ended up jumping on him and they had sex. Then on Monday he was leaving a bar when two hot Dutch girls walked in. A friend he was with approached them and he joined in. They were into him, my flatmate and the girls went to an exclusive club (the girls had to convince the doorman to get him in as he was in jeans and trainers), the barman gives them all free drinks all night and he ends up in a three-way snog in the bar. They take him back to their hotel and they have three-way oral sex. No full-on sex of course, as both the girls have partners (indeed one’s about to get married). Chick logic in effect. They then pay for his taxi home.

This guy is not part of the community. We have a lot to learn.

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