Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Bad Mojito

So I met up with Paul who does the NLP stuff, and he confirms a bunch of thoughts that I had floating around in my head. Nice to know that I’m right!

One of the problems that we talked about is that I often don’t have enough energy, particularly after doing running or swimming earlier in the day. Well today I found that Lucozade helps with this problem. Or maybe it was the high-calorie pizza that I ate. Either way, I managed to solve the very low energy that I had earlier in the day from a hardcore swim that I did.

So we went to Tiger Tiger given that it is probably the best place in the world on a Monday, and it’s where we had our most successful night of social proof ever. It didn’t look like there were as many hot babes as before, but we made do.

So I meet up with Jordan and Fargo and we have a debrief on the weekend’s activities, which is fun. Turns out Jordan wanted to try using eyeliner, that Fargo has done occasionally, but uses mascara instead. It’s hilarious. We all have a laugh.

Fargo spots two girls on their own and suggests we get them to join us. At this point the first thing that pops into my head is “I can’t be arsed.” – they don’t look too hot but I know this isn’t the right course of action. Indeed, subconsciously it’s my mind trying to pretend it doesn’t want to do this as it might not work. So when Fargo asks me if I think he should go and invite them over, I force myself to say yes. So he does.

He opens with the “Are you shy, you haven’t spoken to us yet?” opener, and gets them to join us. Turns out they are from Sweden and not one of the big cities, which means they are a lot more innocent and open than otherwise. (Swedish girls from the big cities are more like Londoners – more worldly wise and aware, cynical at worst, and less likely to succumb to PUA chat at the first attempt).

They’re not the hottest chicks in the world but they are cute, the one I talk to has the typical Swedish eyes – sky blue irises of unadulterated beauty. She’s impressed that I know more than three cities in Sweden (Växjo being the fourth, you can guess the other three). I tell her the “no smoking” train story that a friend of mine told me of his adventures in Sweden, however it was lost in translation.

Andre turned up and he and his group gave us nice social proof (I’ve already forgotten his brother’s name, for the second time!). I aimed to return the favour but didn’t get the chance. But the girls were into us. However as mentioned before I have an issue with tourists (which these girls were) as they are either leaving soon or can’t speak English that well. And these girls couldn’t speak English well.

Anyway after a while the girls go for a smoke. Once they’ve left a random girl comes up to me and starts asking us about the cocktails we’re drinking (one of the worst mojitos I’ve ever had). Later Jordan tells me that this girl has been eyeing us when the Swedish girls were with us. We have a chat about the cocktails and stuff, just helping her out at this stage. However as I’m doing this, the Swedish girls come back and see me talking to this new girl. They get pissed off and then leave. I later try to find them but I think they have left the venue. I then later try to find the cocktail girl (who was German and I established a bit of connection with by speaking my usual German phrases, and she was hot!) but it looks like she left as well. Ah well, shit happens.

Fargo gets me to open a Thai girl to ask her about Thailand, as I’ll be there in about a month. But she can hardly string two English words together, so it goes nowhere.

Jordan then opens another table of girls, and Fargo joins them (again we were discussing it, my mind was telling me no, but my body, my body was telling me yes, as R Kelly might put it. And when I say body, I really mean the high-level PUA part of my mind. Or something). At this point it’s hard for me to join in as there are no free seats and I don’t fancy crouching. So I go for a walk to see what the rest of the venue is like. When I come back there’s a free chair and I can join in. I chat to a whole bunch of them, they’re all tourists and they’ve only just met each other in the hostel that they’re staying in. After a while we all get up to dance except for Fargo, who’s zoning in on an Asian-American that’s right up his street. All the rest of the girls are into me and Jordan. We dance and have a bit of fun.

Apparently there are girls that are eyeing us up but again I don’t notice and Jordan doesn’t tell me. Damn him! The girls are all fairly average, the one I like the most is leaving to go back to Italy the next day so there’s no point. Jordan number closes an Austrian. But all in all once again we are owning our section of the club and getting the right sort of attention.

We’re actually getting better at this. It’s getting easier. And my dancefloor game is pretty awesome. The girls all think I’m sexy, they wanna sex me.

Summary of the night: Sets opened: 1 though I “joined in” on two others. And I was opened once. Stayed in for more than 5 minutes: 2. I’m starting to realise that the 5 set goal isn’t too important, though I’m still going to stick with it for now.

What went well

  • Lots of nice, smooth conversations with various girls
What could have gone better

  • Opened other sets and merged them rather than staying with one set for most of the night.
What did I do well that I haven’t done before

  • Drank Lucozade to help with low energy.

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