Sunday, 1 August 2010

Look Around You

Well I've had a big kick up the butt recently. At the start of the year I was on a roll, with four lays including two in two days. And then things petered out a bit as I was travelling and for some reason was constantly low energy probably through not getting enough sleep. But it meant that I didn't get any more lays, although there were a few chances that I missed for various reasons.

Then I return home and I have a new flatmate who is a cool guy and a good friend, tall, good looking, and an unrefined natural who has two regular fuck buddies and picks up the other occasional chick here and there too. Anyway, this guy set my jealousy alarms off and I knew I had to give myself a kick up the butt to do something about my situation. I knew I had to put the effort in because frankly that's the only way you can become good at this.

So I've been contacting a few people on the LSS and have been finding new wings (I do have some old wings but I think I need a breath of fresh air as it were, plus people who are better than me rather than the same or worse so I can improve).

So I met up with Leo and Gianni on Thursday and we had some fun getting back into the swing of things and practicing opening, though not with many results, just experience. I also saw Robert Popper on the street, and I'd be surprised if anyone knows who he is. He called me a stalker on Twitter. But it was good fun and good practice and I look forward to going out with those guys again.

Then on Saturday I met up with Andres and two of his friends to do a day game bootcamp. I was feeling a little spaced out and tired which is strange, as although I usually smoke a lot of weed I hadn't for a week, but anyway these things happen. I also wanted to do day game as I had tried it on my own before and found it really hard and depressing, and I knew I wanted to break through that mental barrier and hopefully improve.

Andres is a very straightforward kind of guy with some basic, sensible, practical information on how and what to do. He is German after all. We had a briefing session where he talked through the main points to focus on when opening in day game. I didn't find him patronising or insincere like I have with some other trainers that I have met in the past. I made sure I had a completely clear mind, mainly as it helps me ignore any anxiety I might have, but also I knew I had to put my trust in both his instruction and the learning process to learn, gain the experience and improve.

Once the briefing was over we went out and practiced stopping girls in the street. I wasn't very good at first and it took me a few goes to get the right timing and movement to successfully stop the girls. There were a few girls who I completely shocked which was a bit funny! I felt sorry for them as it can't be great being surprised like that. Luckily they didn't think I was a psycho or anything.

Anyway after a few goes I was getting the hang of stopping them and saying my opener. Oh yeah, I had never really given a direct opener before and I always had problems with it as often I thought it would come across as insincere (I know, it sounds strange to say that now). So without thinking about it on the day I forgot my anxiety and I was saying my direct openers and to be honest, totally against my expectations almost all the girls were really open to it. I then found myself running out of things to say a few times but worked on that a bit and more or less got the hang of that as well.

Then we were in Leicester Square of all places and ended up stopping this short cute chick who I didn't think was that hot from behind but when I spoke to her she had a really cute face. She was really open and friendly and we had a short chat about what she did - she was a translator. So as things were going well I thought I would ask her for her number so I told her we should go out for a drink sometime and got her to put her number in my phone. I then gave her a missed call and parted ways, I think I gave her a hug before she left, I can't remember.

Anyway a few approaches later we were in Trafalgar Square and I ended up stopping this Italian chick who was quite small and had a nice body but average face (I think, she had large shades on). Anyway we got talking and I thought I'd ask her out for a drink by asking her if she liked coffee (being Italian and all). Turns out she didn't but is a big fan of tea. So I teased her by asking if she was actually English in disguise and all that. Anyway I lied and said I knew an excellent tea shop which we should go and visit sometime (I didn't, but now thanks to Google I do! Thank you Google. Thoogle*) so we exchange numbers for that.

Soon afterwards I had to leave to get something to eat before meeting up with an old friend that evening. But it was a good session. I have been texting both girls since then and I'm meeting up with them this coming week. I still need some refinement in my technique but the basics are already there. I need to see if I can do it on my own which will be a challenge but I need to make that next step. I have to make the effort after all. One thing I want to do is practice opening girls in my lunch break. I find the idea really hard, but how hard can it be? Let's find out.

So in review then for Serdna I think he's a pretty good coach and pretty cheap so I would recommend anyone who wants to get good at day game to give him a try.

A few thoughts from the day:

- Put in the effort
- Be open-minded and trust in the process
- Challenge yourself

* It's an obscure reference.