Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Numbers Don't Mean Shit?!?

So I called the hot chick that I number closed in Jewel on Friday. The number didn't work! It's a bit strange as she was very keen and even made sure that I spelt her name correctly when I put it in the phone.

Now I could be deluding myself in that she was just pretending, but I don't believe people are that superficial. Even girls! There was no change in her attitude when I asked for her number. I think she must have given it to me wrong.

Anyway the thing with numbers is that you never know if they are going to flake or not. And accidents happen. The top PUAs say that numbers don't mean shit, and there's an element of truth in that.

However there was little chance that I could have done anything else with her that night as she was just starting to leave with her friend when I number closed. Oh well... next!


bb said...

I love your posts and read them regularly!

Let's have an f-close soon.

Karlos the Marmoset said...

I hope *WE* don't have an F-close...! But yeah, I hope *I* have one soon. ;o)

Jordan Adriano Brown said...

Ahhh shit, sorry to hear that.

Her lose anyway, that silly cow!