Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sasha’s bootcamp

I pay £200 for the privilege of going on bootcamp with Sasha (or Alex as normal people call him), one of the faces off LSS. It’s with Ace_PUA (real name Marcus) as well.

It starts with Sasha’s talk about his game. This is cool and very funny, but it’s really his sense of humour and character and really needs to be adapted to each individual’s character. At least I took notes this time (unlike at Sasha’s talk) so I have a record.

Then we go out and it’s forced approaching time. This is the bit that I’m good at – approaching when I’m told to. I have some AA but I can ignore this and clear my head when I have to.

There’s an older guy who has some limiting beliefs about being overheard and such. I help him out (who cares? They don’t know you, you don’t know them, you’ll never see them again) and he gets it.

Ace gets us to lie down on the ground in the middle of Covent Garden and the second time we get other random people to do it with us, and a bunch of people take our photograph.

I find it hard to relate to Sasha and Ace as people, it’s as though they’re putting on a performance or something. I just don’t click with them and I feel they’re holding something back. Though I think Sasha’s a very funny person.

The final feedback they give me is to stay in set and not eject. I know this. I didn’t expect this for £200 pounds I’m afraid. Lesson learnt I guess.

Of the sets I opened, the most notable were a French girl that I opened in Covent Garden with “You’re the second cutest girl I’ve seen all day, I just had to talk to you” which works well. She’s really cute and we have a nice chat. I try to number close and she takes my number, though no call yet. Still, I tried.

In Soho Square I opened an East European chick with Sasha’s opener of “Are you drawing a sketch of me?” using a style tone of voice (i.e. very fun and playful). It hooks and I start talking to both her and the girl sitting next to her (they don’t know each other). I get into a very surreal and fun conversation with both of them that lasts for a good while. The other (English) girl takes my number but no dice from her either. I was thinking about closing the East European girl but at that point Ace and Sasha joins in as we have to move on and interrupts my flow, so I can’t.

I also open a Ukrainian girl on the tube who is the hottest girl we’ve seen all day, but it goes nowhere. But James was right – Ukrainians are the hottest girls out there.

Later on I meet up with Liam and Fargo for a quick drink. We agree we can do the same thing as this bootcamp with each other, without having to pay £200 for the privilege.


Mike Li said...

Good job man.But i am confused.HOw does it happen to give your number to them and not taking their numbers as well.Dont tell me that you expect them to call you or text you if you dont make the 1st move...
I tell you that because i care when somebody tries but has some little things that he doesnt notice and interfere with your success

Karlos the Marmoset said...

Well the English girl on the bench in the park called me back - but she was a total nutter so I had to block her.

I always take the number if I can, but sometimes the situation doesn't allow it, i.e. the girl doesn't want to give it to you.