Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dual Jewel

Well work has calmed down a bit recently and I managed to leave at a reasonable hour on Friday, went home and ate with time to spare. I headed off and meet up with Peter and Jon at Jewel in Covent Garden.

It’s sunny and warm and the after work crowd is drinking outside. As a result there isn’t much going on in the bar and the crowd outside doesn’t really seem to offer much for us either.

We wonder round a bit looking for something to open in Covent Garden, but it’s not quite hitting the spot. We eventually head for the other Jewel in Piccadilly.

To be honest I can’t remember all the sets that I opened. I think early on there was an obvious group of three girls standing in the main area but they weren’t my type. Liam opens them instead and gets into a good conversation with them.

While Peter is at the bar there’s a group of three girls looking at the cocktails menu. I read an opener on Sasha’s blog only recently – based on making a joke that half the drinks are poisonous so choose carefully. So I used that and it seemed to work well. They asked for a recommendation so I suggested Mohito. It’s the only way to go really.

The girl I’m speaking to starts to gain rapport with me, asking me where I’m from and those sorts of questions. All of these girls are from Eastern Europe, albeit all from different countries. I talk for a bit but the one I’m talking to isn’t that great so I let it go. I could have stuck in a bit and spoken to the others.

A bit later we’re standing in the white part of the bar and there is a table of about four or five hot looking chicks. But they’re the type that look hot but dumb. I realise this is a quandary for me – some chicks look hot from the outside, but are a bore to speak to. Or are too chavvy or so on. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

It’s bad because I’m not speaking to them to find out if my assumptions are correct. Plus there are a lot of people like that out there, so maybe I should get used to it. Though the more arty, cool, fun loving chicks you get in Brick Lane are more my type. It’s good in a way because I know what I like. But I think that in the end I should have spoken to them as at the end of the day it’s practice and I’ll need all sorts of practice to get good.

Something else that I noticed that night is that there were loads of guys trying it on with all the girls in the place. I’d literally open someone, eject, and then five minutes later some other guy would be talking to them. Though retrospectively obvious this was a bit of a revelation to me as it made it clear how used women are to guys opening them, and how very few of them were rejected – most guys ejected themselves, just like me. It also goes to show how girls can have a cheap night out as I’d guess at least half of them would offer to buy them drinks. And it shows that they’re out to meet guys, it’s just that we have to make the effort.

At one point it’s me and Pete and there are a couple of girls standing nearby who look quite hot. Pete suggests I open them so I give it a go with Pirates versus Ninjas. It doesn’t work too well as they’re Lithuanian and they mishear the opener a bit. I do some explanation and some chatting about Lithuania (my last but one girlfriend was Lithuanian) but the set isn’t sticking much. I eject a little worse for wear.

Later on and I see a table of girls drinking some crazy blue drink. Just from the pure curiosity of wanting to know what it is I go and ask them about it. Turns out they rope me into taking a picture of them – though it’s on an iPhone and there’s no flash so it doesn’t work. But I chat with them a bit and talk to a South African girl, but none of them are particularly attractive so I leave them to it.

Pete’s in set and Liam’s sitting with one of the girls from the first set so I sit on my own waiting for an opportunity. Liam sees me on my own and calls me over to join him. I meet his girl and have a brief chat with them, but more importantly there’s a lone wolf on my left and now I’m sitting next to her it would be rude not to speak to her.

So I ask her what she’s up to and it turns out she’s waiting for a friend who’ll arrive in about half an hour. I have a random chat with her, using Pirates versus Ninjas when the conversation lulls. But ultimately her friend calls and she disappears.
So lots of sets opened but not many targets that I was interested in. I think I should open more sets that I’m not interested in or have negative thoughts towards, and also to plough a bit more and ask for numbers more often. And work on the teasing and joking and all that. I’m still feeling really positive about it all.