Monday, 18 August 2008

Slight Improvement

So we’re going out in Shoreditch again, although in retrospect we should have hit up Shunt. But anyway, we go over there and meet at Fargo’s house. It’s a bit of a late start and when we get to Favela Chic there’s a queue and it’s £10 to get in. So we go to Zigfrid instead. It’s a bit average, not many girls and not many of them are hot. I do a warm up set that goes well, but they aren’t that hot.

I try to push English Liam into sets but he won’t budge. I do a second set with Fargo that bombs but the girls weren’t that hot or intelligent for that matter. We asked a girl what her favourite cheese was. She said “melted.” We asked her for the type of cheese and she said “on toast.” It was clearly going nowhere.

So we split, though not before some chicks that Canadian Liam opened early on found him and reopened him. Good work from him! We try Bluu but can’t get in, so we go to Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes. It’s hard to open in there because of the groups and layout, though English Liam gets opened by a black chic with a hot mate. Liam can’t make it stick. Fargo opens a cute Kiwi girl and after that we have large social proof. But there’s not much else that we can open.

We go to Big Chill to finish off the night. I’m tired and can’t find the energy. I take over Canadian Liam’s winging of a set that Fargo’s in and have a good chat with a cute chick, but she has a boyfriend.

It was an interesting night as I felt a lot more comfortable in set than recently. I’m definitely seeing an improvement, however slight.

Summary of the night: sets opened: 3 for more than five minutes, 2.

What went well

  • Feeling a lot more comfortable and confident in sets.
What could have gone better

  • Arrived at Favela Chic earlier. Opened more sets.
What did I do well that I haven’t done before

  • Felt a lot more comfortable and confident in sets, less needy.

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