Wednesday, 2 July 2008

A Week of Light Sarging

OK so I haven’t posted on here for a while, have actually been busy for the last few days. It’s amazing how easily you can fill up your time even when you have essentially no work to do…

Anyway, I haven’t been proper hardcore sarging for a while but have half-sarged over a number of days. Here’s a quick recap of what happened and my thoughts.

Wednesday, Germany v. Turkey, Euro 2008 semi-final

I went to watch the match with my German neighbour. We can’t get into the German pub in Fulham as it’s tickets only, so we watch at a pub near by. After Germany win we go back to the pub and join in the fun. My mate is going crazy on the dancefloor to all the cheesy German europop that they play on these occasions. Turns out there are a few non-Germans in the place. I end up dancing with a random English girl. When I talk to her it turns out she works with one of my ex-flatmates. Small world. I ask for her number and she tells me to contact her through Facebook. I do a few days later and hear no reply. She’s a 6. One of her friends takes my number to arrange to meet for the final. No one calls. No worries, it was a fun night.

Friday, Dust Bar, Clerkenwell

This is a cool bar that I’ve been to in the past. The quality of women is usually quite good. I intended not to invite too many people out so there wasn’t a big crowd of sausages, but that all kinda went out the window when I received about four text messages at the last minute, and who am I to turn anyone away! I need to think about how I handle that in the future.

Not that it mattered too much on this occasion. Anyway, that night the bar was good but not that full, which was a shame. I opened a couple of sets. Fargo kiss closed a girl with his natural charm and excitability. A few days later he told me he was inspired by our talk to the other guys (which I only vaguely remember) about how it’s important to have fun anyway, and then add on the approaches as an extra, rather than the other way round. This is absolutely essential I have to say, as everyone wants to be part of the party. I also recommended Trev to get a haircut, which is something I’ve been wanting to say for ages. Hopefully he will as I think it will help him a lot.

Saturday, Flatmate's birthday

Not much to report here other than on the way home we stopped at the local. It was me, my male flatmate (in a relationship), hot ex-neighbour (single) and another neighbour (single, not hot). Two Aussie guys joined in our conversation and we had a laugh taking the piss out of them as they were pretty drunk. The girls were cracking up at what I was saying. However I wasn’t sure how to take it further with the hot girl, as I’ve known her for a while now and I’m pretty sure I’m in the friend zone, boo!

Sunday, Spain v. Germany, Euro 2008 final

This time we had tickets to the German pub, and of course Germany lost. It didn’t matter as although there wasn’t a massive piss-up super-party (if only I was in a Spanish bar…!) everyone was still in a good mood (after all the right team won, and not because of any cheating or bad reffing). Just generally chatting and vibing with everyone. Needless to say, such prolonged exposure to German people has meant that my German language ability has increased massively, and I have found myself thinking in German quite a few times over the last week or two!

Monday, day game in central London

Met up with Andre and new guy Alex in town for some day game. Turns out Alex had been sarging for two weeks only, and had already got good results including a blow job in a pub toilet, which was awesome work! He had used Mystery’s methods combined with mind-mapping to help remember them. So I think I will have to take a stab at doing that, so I can increase the chances of knowing what to do next in any given situation. Anyway we ended up talking about game for a long while without actually approaching much, but did manage to get ourselves out and about after a bit.

At one point we ended up sitting in this odd wooden box thing in Covent Garden piazza and I opened a couple of Canadian chicks who joined us, one of whom was a 6.5 / 7. I opened with “Do you like my wooden box? I made it using scissors and plywood.” They liked my surreal sense of humour and we started chatting, doing the usual interview questions. I had no motivation to close as they weren’t hot-hot, so we left. As we were leaving they actually came up to us to say goodbye formally, which was a good sign and we could have closed them if we wanted to.

Tuesday, day game in London

This time just with Alex, and it kind of showed up a hole in his game. For me I see day and night game as pretty much the same thing, opening, making a connection, closing. Just in day game it’s more likely to be a number close than anything more (at least at my stage of development). However Alex was having a hard time opening and staying in set, and he perceived it as being a big difference from night game. That’s the thing about learning game that I’ve noticed, is that is can expose challenges that you didn’t know existed, particularly if you have something sorted and find out it’s only sorted in certain situations.

I opened a couple of hot French Canadian chicks with the hair opener and chatted to them a bit. Apparently they don’t celebrate Canada Day (which it was on Tuesday) as they have their own Quebec day. Typical French attitude!

So, what have I learnt?

  • Need to open, open, open, open.
  • Need to come up with a plan of how to remain in set and not run out of things to say. I think I am going to have to work on transitions and routines to have as a back up at least when more natural game runs out
  • Need to come up with some other openers than the hair opener, as I find myself getting bored of it! Plus everyone else is using it as well! The male plunging v-neck opener can only be used in Shoreditch. I did open a shop girl with a question Alex had – is it OK for a guy to buy the same make of shoes twice (clearly most girls will answer no, but I wanted Alex to get it from the source).
  • Try mind-mapping the Mystery Method to help out with running out of things to say as well
  • Need to stay in set until I get blown out or blown (badum-tish! Ithangyew!)
  • I constantly surprise myself with my social ability and it is stronger than I think it is. I really want to keep testing and expanding this to make it more and more powerful, and for that to feed into my game.
  • I read somewhere that “the first 1000 sets don’t count.” I think this is important to know as it definitely seems that at the moment the progress is fairly slow or non-existent. It’s like I’m bumping along a plateau and tapping away at the next level. I know that I’ll only have to keep on doing this for as long as it takes, and then I will break through to the next stage, which, of course, will be massively exciting and fun. And I can’t wait.
  • Finally, hello to my reader in Slovenia (Dravograd to be precise) who is clearly a big fan as they have spent the most time by far on my blog!
My next post will be to revisit my goals, as they haven’t quite been met yet!

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