Saturday, 12 July 2008

Spittin’ game

So after taking Thursday off sick, I was back in the game on Friday, determined to do two sessions for the first time in the seven day challenge! I arranged a bit of the usual day game with Alex, and set off into town.

I arrived before Alex did, so started to walk around and test my ability to open solo. It was still fucking hard. I also became aware of a lot of the negative thoughts I had about opening that seem to pop up when I try solo day game. Things like “She’s too busy to talk to you.” “She’s got her bitch shield up.” “She’s sitting down so I’m going to have to sit down next to her and that will seem really weird.” All of these I know are either bullshit or irrelevant but at the moment I’m thinking them automatically and also feeling the accompanying negative emotions, and it’s preventing me from opening.

This is something that I need to work on as I know I can open in day game, it just seems that I can only do it when I’m winging with Andre! I’m sure there’ll be others but he’s the only wing I’ve successfully opened with so far. Andre – we need to do more winging! But what I’m going to have to do is to learn to do this solo by whatever means. Maybe I need to imagine I have an Andre with me when I go out, even when he’s not there. That sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?

So then Alex turns up and we have a chat and then start to wonder round. I offer to show Alex round the National Gallery and give him my tour of the development from the Raphaelite academic style to Cubism, based on the changes from the industrial revolution and photography. This is all very well but we’re not picking up chicks. We go back outside and wonder round. Alex is walking very slowly so it makes it hard to wing – you’ve got to be on a similar wavelength and indeed pace. Again not much is happening but I do force myself to open five people (one being a half-open from a flyer chick) and that’s enough to allow me to go home and cook dinner.

I think with Alex he’s just started seeing this girl that he picked up in the first fortnight of trying game, and really, deep down, he doesn’t want to go out and pick up more chicks when he’s seeing another girl. It doesn’t fit into his morals. We did have a chat about this in the past, where he asked me if it was OK to see one girl and go and pick up others. I mentioned that as long as everything is clear and honest with the girl, and she understands, then it’s OK. This may be the case, but I really think that it’s Alex that isn’t comfortable with it, and it may be best for him to focus on his one girl for a time.

Anyway, later in the evening I meet up with the usual reprobates in town. We go to Digress but there’s not much happening there tonight. So we relocate to Jewel in Piccadilly. It’s not mega busy but there are enough girls around. We all talked and chatted and generally got ourselves into state. Jordan got laid last night after he performed at a gig – pure rockstar game! He also mentioned a great opener for people with closed off bitchy appearance: “Hey guys, quick question, why is everyone so miserable in here?!?” He used it and the girl responded by completely melting her own shield and laughing and smiling. It’s an awesome little routine. After chatting for a while pretty much everyone gets stuck in to sets.

I can’t remember if it was a dare from someone else but I open a chick behind me, ordering at the bar. She was hot but really closed off and didn’t want to be approached. I opened with golf and she didn’t play. Was this the end of the interaction? Oh no! Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned this week (from Python) it’s that you just need to keep talking, and the social pressure of not being a sourpuss when someone else is having fun is too much to remain in that state. This is a massive learning point for me.

So I hear that she has an Australian accent and ask her where she’s from. Australia she says. No shit. So I ask her what part. Melbourne she says. She’s still looking glum. So I say that Melbourne’s my favourite city in Australia, and she tell me that it should be, in an arrogant, dismissive way. Well, pomposity always create a chance to prick a bubble, so I then said that Melbourne was my favourite Australian city, until I found out that the people were so arrogant! I said this in a fun and amusing way, and then she laughed. I can’t remember what we talked about after that, something about sport I think, but she ended up smiling and I had broken through her bitch shield.

As we were standing around a bit later, I decided to test out the San Jose opener once again. I know I’d said I’d retire it, but these girls weren’t that attractive (they were OK, nothing special) so I thought I’d give it a shot as a test run. Funnily enough one of the girls bought into the idea quickly, and we started to role-play a little bit on the idea of me needing to find out from people in bars, how to get to San Jose. I can’t remember much of the details but that was the idea. After it stalled I asked the girls where they came from. It was the most unsubtle transition, and I could almost hear the gears crunching in my head, as though I’d forgotten to engage the clutch. Anyway I stuck in there for a bit and had a bit of a chat, and kept going for a while before ejecting as I had no intention of number closing. But that was so far the best response to the San Jose opener that I’ve had! (Jake had a good run with San Jose when he opened an American chick later - she got the joke and said she could give him directions!)

So near where we were standing there was a large group of people, mainly girls but one guy I think, who were having a party. After a while some of them were up and dancing, no doubt encouraged by Jordan’s Michael Jackson moves. And some of them were quite hot. So at one point I get the balls and go and approach one girl with “So who’s birthday is it?” Turns out that it’s no one’s, they’re just out for a party tonight. So I start talking to her, finding out about her. She’s from Poland, just arrived over here two weeks ago. She asks me what I do, I tell her that I’m the guy who makes the holes in Swiss cheese. She doesn’t believe me (thankfully) but we start to riff on it, making jokes about it and role playing. I tell her I don’t get paid but I get to eat all the cheese that I take out for free, so that’s a really good benefit. We talk about the bar we’re in, and I tell her I love the décor (which I do) as it has a psychedelic-Arabic feel to it (Arabadelic anyone? No? OK…), which is my favourite kind of décor. Turns out she’s an interior designer so we connect on that point. At various points I ran out of things to say, but I just kept forcing it and saying whatever came into my head, routines or otherwise, just to keep the conversation going. And it went well, she was enjoying herself and we had fun. And she was hot, about an 8 or 8.5 I would say. I can’t remember why or when I ejected, but I did. But afterwards I knew I had to go back and get her number, and I knew that she would give it to me.

So I rejoined the guys and talked about some stuff as you do. I joined Canadian Liam in a set of four girls who had just turned up. Liam tried to direct me to help him open with a Fancy Dress opener (and I completely misjudged it!), but it was clear a millisecond after we opened that the set would tank, and Liam had barely said two lines when one of the girls brought out a shoe and all the girls started to look at it. Yes, we were officially upstaged by a shoe! It’s not every day that you can say that! But then, shoes are like crack to women.

So after a while (prob 20 mins) I go back to find the Polish girl and she’s not around. I ask one of the others in the group where she is, turns out she’d gone for a smoke. Five minutes later I go back and ask her if she’d ever been round… the National Gallery(!). She says she hasn’t so I tell her I’ll take her round, and then the classic, “What’s your number?” She gives it to me and mentions that she’s only free on Sundays. I tell her I can’t do this Sunday, but we’ll pencil in next week. NUMBER CLOSE! DATE ARRANGED! HOT POLISH CHICK! Ladies and gentlement, we have a winner!

After this my state is sky high and I have a lot of fun with the guys and everyone else. I reopen the shoe girls with “What’s the story with the shoe then?” and find out that it’s one of the girl’s boyfriends had bought her a really nice pair of shoes. I didn’t recognise the name so I asked if they were better than Jimmy Choos, apparently they were much better. Interesting fact, shoe fans.

Later on a Bulgarian photographer opens us, takes our picture and gives us her card, I try and engage her in conversation for a bit. She’s not bad looking but the convo doesn’t last long.

Right at the end Canadian Liam wants to open again. Just then a two set appears at the bar behind him, I push him in. He hooks with one of the two girls. He’s there for a while and I want to practice my winging skills, so I go in, say “Hi” to Liam and start talking to the nearest girl. We have a nice chat and all of that. She’s from Brisbane, over here, I can’t remember what she’s doing, blah blah blah, just talking normally really. I eject as I was about to leave anyway.

Jordan immediately comes up to me and says “Did you get her number?” I didn’t. “She was showing you massive indicators of interest, fingers in her hair, that kind of thing.” Fuck. I’d completely missed the signals. Could I have number closed her? I could have asked, and that’s the important thing. As 60 once said, you should try to number close all the time, soon it won’t mean a thing and that’s when it will happen the most. And I think I could have number closed her.

I say my goodbyes and head home. A productive night. Five sets opened in the day and night, one number close (total since starting focussing on game: 2! Yay!). Things I’ve learned:

  • Keep on talking. Keep on spitting game. It almost doesn’t matter what you’re saying, but you got to keep on talking at the start until she engages and it starts getting more two-way.
  • Getting into state with the boys worked well tonight. People were laughing and enjoying themselves before we’d even stared opening girls, and that was really important.
  • Still need to research into the structure of game a bit. I want to become aware of the A2/A3 cross over, and mix and match that with the structure proposed in Magic Bullets
  • Still need to practice some routines, five for each stage I reckon. Although having said that I am slowly building up a little repertoire of my own, some self-generated, some nicked for who knows where. But let’s turbo boost this a bit with some practice and research.
  • I really, really like how we have a group forming of regular sargers that are all getting to know each other better, and we can compare notes, exchange ideas, support and so on. It feels a bit like the early days of the community as Neil Strauss described in The Game. I have a good feeling about this. As mentioned before it’s almost like a Learning-mind version of the Mastermind concept that Napoleon Hill describes.
One other thing to mention is that I have been reading Psychocyberneticson recommendation from Alex, and it’s really interesting. It’s not much that I haven’t heard before, although it always helps to be reminded of these things. But it does recommend the old visualisation movie technique of how your goal will look, in as much detail as possible. It also recommends to imagine how you would feel, act and be different if your goal was achieved. In particular that last one – how would I feel if I knew I could go out tonight and get hot girls attracted to me, flirt with them, number close them, kiss them, fuck them? How does that feel? Pretty good huh? Like you can do that all the time, without thinking about it, without it being an issue. Yeah, I'm going out tonight, Probably going bring home some hot chick and fuck her brains out. You know, the usual. Now keep that feeling with you, and rehearse in your mind a successful sarge. You don’t need to know the details at this stage, work it out over time. But feel the result and keep refining the movie until it is the best and most precise version you can make. Do this every day for 21 days for 30 minutes at a time.

I did this on the tube on the way in to day game today, and although the day game didn’t go so well, the night game was particularly good.

So today again I’m feeling shite, sneezing everywhere. I’m going to have to forsake day game today so I might be able to go out tonight. Let’s hope so.

Last night after I came back I listened to this awesome song:

“Throw those curtains wide, one day like this in a year will see me right” Elbow – One Day Like This


Anonymous said...

you know what I started doing in the past week? Find something interesting. Get all excited about it, whether or not anyone's around. Then when someone's around, talk to her about it. Works great--that kind of thing is infectious...unless she's really boring or obnoxious, in which case you don't want to talk to her anyway.

--a thought from arrrrrrggggghhhhh

Karlos the Marmoset said...

Yeah that creates the authentic excitement that people love to be drawn into. But the excitement can also come from just enjoying yourself (self amusement) and also enjoying the girl (i.e. the direct opener - You're so hot I just had to come and say hi) and probably from other places...