Friday, 27 June 2008

The Motivation to Maintain Effort at Pick-up

OK so I’ve been away for a while, partly as I was on holiday in Cyprus for a few days and got a bit of a tan. Man, I LOVE the Mediterranean! One of my major goals in live is to own a house on a beach somewhere on the Mediterranean. Hopefully Spain but I’ll look more into that once I’m closer to being able to afford it!

Anyway in my readings I came across this quote from Tyler that I found useful and have since found that others have too, so I thought I would post it here as a reminder to myself.

"Now the big thing when you start something new is that progress is going to be non-existent at first and will go up in a j-curve if you can make it through the initial pain. Most people quit because starting something is REALLY hard and usually feels directionless for a long time. The guys who make it through that initial part will eventually get to a level where progress is really fast and noticeable, and for them it will become a hobby and fun. But at first it is purely banging your head against the wall to make the most minuscule advancements. Not fun."
The full text that this comes from can be found here. I'm sarging again for the first time in a while tonight, so I will write up a report soon afterwards.

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