Friday, 25 July 2008


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Ai Chihuahua!

OK so I meet up with a guy called Adam from one of the forums, and from his posts it looks like he’s well on his way to becoming a full-blown pick up artist. Turns out he’s dyed his normally black hair peroxide blonde, and he certainly has a very distinctive look!

He’s a proper PUA and for once I don’t have the full blown intimidation that I normally get with those kind of guys. Well, maybe just a little bit, but nothing I couldn’t deal with. I fix this mainly by initiating conversation with him, which is what I haven’t done effectively in the past. He’s a cool guy with a whole bunch of energy to spare and very sociable.

Again a thing I see with him that I see from a lot of the guys that are good with this stuff is to talk and keep on talking, machine-gunning the victim with things to say and fun stuff, getting a reaction out of them. This is definitely a skill I need to work on.

There’s another guy called Perry who has a kind of crazy vibe about him. He opens a Russian chick as soon as we walk in and is soon dancing sexy salsa style. Oh yeah, we’re at a Salsa lesson venue, by the way. And there are a lot of hot chicks here. This is a surprise as the last time I was there it was full of fat, frustrated chicks. So this is a good thing.

While we’re waiting for the class to start I open a Russian chick (there’s a lot of them here it seems) but she doesn’t speak much English and she has a boyfriend. You know I do think I have a bit of a thing about Russians. It always seems there’s something slightly dodgy about them or something. Maybe it’s the Polonium they keep in their back pockets. It’s just prejudice on my part, I’m sure there are some nice ones out there somewhere, it’s just I haven’t met them yet.

I start talking to another girl, just asking about what the deal is with the classes. She’s Italian and friendly and really hot. We just start getting into a good conversation when one of the salsa dancers knocks a glass of red wine over her friend’s white top and it’s game over as she goes to help her friend clean up.

Anyway I have my beginner’s salsa lesson and it’s a good laugh. I learn a few steps. I can hardly hear the instructor though so I have to concentrate very hard on what he is saying. So he gives me all the attention. After a few goes I have the basics down.

After the lesson it’s all about the mingling as most people hit the dancefloor for a group line dancing session, while the rest stand around in a different section and chat. It’s then that I see Kev, a mate that I haven’t seen in about a year, so I basically spend the rest of the evening catching up with him and telling him about game.

There are a couple of other events though. A Lithuanian girl that Adam talked to right at the start reopens us and we chat. I mention “ish-ve-cahrter” which is Lithuanian for “cheers” but she doesn’t get it. It kind of ruins the connection although she wasn’t that hot…!

Inside Adam gets me to pick out some girls for him to open. I choose a couple of girls on one table and he goes to open. However there’s a misunderstanding and he picks a different table where there are twenty girls all sitting on together and he opens them instead! He has balls. I like balls. He stays with them for a good while. Later, after I leave, he gets the number and kisses one of the girls. They were all pretty hot so it's good work from him.

Also, Adam asks me what my kiss close routines are. I don’t really think of them in that way, and given that I haven’t kissed anyone since starting this in earnest, haven’t needed to yet. Thinking about it now I have used Mystery’s “Would you like to kiss me?” on a date before, and it worked. Usually I just lean in when the time is right, similar to knowing when to ask for her number (I’ll do my straightforward number close post soon…). Adam mentions that he has loads, and quotes the “Close your eyes” one as an example. Maybe I need to collect a few of those myself.

Anyway I go to leave. Perry challenges me to open one more set, so I do with Pirates versus Ninjas. It opens well and Perry cuts in, I turn that into a chance for me to leave.

What I learnt:

  • Need to work on the constant stream of teasing banter skill.
  • Being distracted by catching up with old friends will not make your night about gaming.
  • Might need to have a few kiss close routines in my back pocket.

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Anonymous said...

Adam is a pretty kick ass PUA. Huge props, and I'm an asshole, so... keep him around. He's going to be big someday.