Thursday, 31 July 2008

Return to Cheapskates

So I decided to go to Sasha’s talk on day game and hook points. I brought Jake along too (so Sasha owes me a tenner!) and we watched the show. Sasha clearly has his own comedic personality down and properly refined, so that was awesome to see in person. He had tons of great lines. However how transferable they were is unanswered in my mind. Also, I forgot to bring a notebook, so I didn’t manage to take any notes. Bit of a schoolboy error there.

Anyway after that we decided to hit Cheapskates as the last time was so good. We were soon opening sets left and right. Opening was really easy. We were both in a good state and having fun. I watched Anchorman again the other day and was desperate to use the “I think you should know, I’m kind of a big deal” opener as I thought it would be fucking funny. I used it a few times and perhaps unsurprisingly it didn’t really work! I think it needs a bit of knowledge of the film from the person I’m talking to, and probably a healthy sense of humour, and ultra-tight delivery from me.

In this anything goes atmosphere I used the San Jose opener again the response was “That’s a terrible song!” Well frankly, she’s wrong! She was ugly too, so that’s probably why…!

We played our opener challenge game again, this time the subject was “spanners” and the opener that Jake created was “Can spanners ever be sexy?” I think everyone said yes, which is a bit worrying in a way!

We opened couple of girls, one slight above average and one fat chick who at least was friendly and not a cock block. Jake was nearer the better looking one so he got stuck in there. There were some games of thumb wars played, for the first time ever for me. At least I now know how to play it! I actually won a couple of games with some random Aussie that we bumped into.

Jake played the guess a number game with the fat chick and got it right with the seven. She couldn’t believe it, so I explained how it worked. We then tried it out on a whole bunch of people and no one chose seven, completely disproving the theory! It was the Law of the Sod in full effect.

It’s becoming apparent that I’m getting deeper and deeper into this, and particularly the sub-culture that surrounds the LSS, which is a good thing. I saw so many of the same people at the talk that were at the Natural Within seminar. And then I saw Doctor Yen and I think Steve Jabba for the first time, in the club. The chances are if someone’s wearing a hat in a club, they’re a PUA. That’s my rule of thumb anyway.

So Jake number closed the average looking chick, which is the first time he’s done that so I was really happy for him. For some reason I wasn’t sticking in any sets plus my good old intimidation was kicking in a bit, so at midnight we decided to head home. I must have opened more than five sets which is cool, plus I had a lot of fun so that was all cool as well. Lots of coolness all spread around and stuff.

  • Need to stick in sets for longer still. And escalate.
I got home and my new flatmate had some coke, and we ended up taking it and talking about everything under the sun until five in the morning, which was a bit unexpected as I don’t do coke anymore after I became addicted to it. But he’s a really cool bloke. But we won’t be taking that shit again, that’s for sure. It’s a minor miracle that I’m not completely trashed today.

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