Sunday, 27 July 2008

Pick-up Cybernetics

So I meet up with Ciaran on Thursday to do some day game, but I’m out of sorts once again and can’t get my mojo rising. Ciaran’s a joy to behold though, he’s happy to run up to girls who have gone past and talk to them, with no concern over whether that makes him lower value or not. And he’s a machine, he must have approached about 10 women in each hour I was with him.

He gets a couple of numbers so fair play. However I think he could change his tone of voice a bit to sound more natural, he’s a bit routine-y at the moment. I meet up with another guy called Stavros who’s more on my wavelength. I approach a hot Kensington girl direct but immediately run out of things to say. But the direct opener works and she’s flattered.

Later that evening I go out with Jake. We’re both excited as we have always had good nights out in the past. However Thursday nights are a tough venue choice for me. I chose Zoo Bar as I’d heard it’s good, but the music is too loud for me to hear Jake let alone any girls. We decide to quit and try our luck elsewhere. Jewel is empty, Porterhouse is closed and we end up in some random Spanish bar that has nice décor and some people but is basically empty of approachable sets. We call it a night.

On Friday I actually put into practice the visualisation exercise as detailed in Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.This was recommended to me by Alex and David DeAngelo, and someone told me that MPUA Braddock quoted this as the source of all his success. That’s enough word of mouth recommendation for me to try it.

So I sit down in my room and close my eyes, and spend 25 minutes imagining how an excellent night would be, over and over again. It requires a bit of concentration but I do it.

Wow. I am now in an amazing mood. All the thoughts of having really great conversations with women, having them into me, smiling and so on, getting the kiss closes and bringing them back to my place to give them multiple earth-shattering orgasms, just really puts me in the most awesome sociable mood. I can’t wait to get out of the house and hit the bars. I feel fucking fantastic. Happy, confident, and loving life.

I meet the guys and we go to Jewel. I am in a great mood and have a chat with the guys and have a bit of fun and a laugh. Then by total coincidence Adam (a.k.a. Ace of Spades) who I went to Salsa with appears in the bar. Perry is there as well all dressed up in this PUA gear this time. We say “Hi” quickly but he’s in set with one hot and one fat bird, and they go back to it. For a minute I get my intimidation thing going but it passes again.

The bar isn’t full today, probably the sunshine effect, so there aren’t loads of sets. I do a couple of warm up sets just to start things off things moving. One set I open doing a weird “staircase” approach which is silly as, but I don’t care as I’m having fun. The set opens just fine. It’s all a bit surreal.

Then Liam spots a couple of girls down the end of the bar. He fills me in on his fancy dress opener and we go in with it, two on two, double team style. It opens well and we start chatting random stuff to the girls. Somehow we get on to talking about their jobs and we role play with one girl as a spy and the other being an admiral in the navy. Just random fun shit. I do the best friends test on the girls and they do look at each other, it’s cool. At one point Liam does his DHV of me being in a band, but there’s no strong reaction from it. I need to expect a better reaction I think, there must be something in my subcommunication that doesn’t make it work.

I qualify them asking about an interesting event that has happened in their lives. They talk about when they went skydiving which is great as I have a good trust routine for that – I’d love to do it but I would shit my pants. That’s pretty much what they did. There’s a bit of a connection there. I also talk about by bungee jump in Bali, Indonesia. They tell me about their travels in Thailand and I talk about my future trip there, and they give me some tips.

I do a soft neg of the hotter girl (7.5) that she looks like my cousin, which she does, which is surreal as she has the same name too. Of course the correct line is that she reminds me of my niece. Doesn’t matter though. Oh yeah, and I’m doing kino (or touching as I like to call it) for once. Yay! I remembered! They’re about to leave so I ask for the hotter girl’s number, but time it badly just as she’s bending down to pick up her bag. But I keep my cool and she gives it to me anyway. NUMBER CLOSE!

Elsewhere in the night the Bulgarian photographer from the previous week is about. She doesn’t remember me so as she takes my photo I ask if she’s Bulgarian. It’s a massive DHV and she gets really excited, and Liam has to stop himself from laughing as it’s very underhand and sneaky of me! I talk about my Bulgarian friends from when I was in Amsterdam but can’t take it anywhere.

The guys aren’t feeling it as they haven’t had much to open or much success. There’s a couple of blond girls that Claudio opened who brushed him off quickly. I go to open them as a test and because the others won’t. I open on high energy as that’s where they are, with Pirates versus Ninjas, though I get it wrong at first and say Pirates versus Vampires, which is a cross with Peter’s new Vampires versus Werewolves opener. Again it doesn’t matter.

One of the girls semi-shit-tests me saying “Are you taking a survey?” So I say just say “Yes” and keep talking. They both choose Ninjas so I talk about how that makes them fashion conscious because of the all black outfits. They ask me if I’m a Psychologist (which of course I am), I tell them that’s what my degree is in and they tell me they’re studying it currently at LSE. Connection time! I find out that they are from Greece and we chat a bit longer then eject. But it was a good ego boost to get through their bitch shield…

So a good night for me. I will call the girl as she was quite attractive, which is nice.

What I learnt:

  • Positive visualisation before the event is FUCKING MONEY! Everyone should do this.
  • Almost all of the routines I did are based in truth. There’s usually something you can find that connects with any girl.
  • I did kino and shit!I was going with the flow well and it didn’t matter when I made mistakes as long as I was comfortable with it.

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