Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Busted in Camden

So I meet up with Andre for a bit of day game in the late afternoon. Rather than hitting the street we decide to open in Yates in Leicester Square. To be honest I’m still feeling shit and for some reason I’m now intimidated by Andre which wasn’t the case before, damn this insecurity! Again I think the smoking has something to do with it but I’m near the end of my stash so that won’t be a problem much longer.

So Andre pushes me in to some sets which is kind of what I need. Most of them aren’t hot but Andre opens a two set of HB7/8 Aussie girls with the opener “Do you think men can have multiple orgasms?” We have a good chat and things go well. Later, while Andre is in the loo they get to leave. I ask them for their number but they say they have boyfriends. Well at least I tried…

Andre pushes me into another set of 3 Colombian girls. They aren’t particularly hot but very, very friendly so I have a nice chat with them. I number close the leader but as she’s not hot I’m not that bothered about it. I don’t quite see the point of number closing girls I’m not interested in but I guess in a way it’s like warm up sets.

We go for a walk and I demonstrate the dental floss opener to Andre on a random girl. Turns out she’s Finnish so I say “Perkela” (Fuck off in Finnish) to her and she laughs. You roll the ‘r’ at the front of your mouth if you want to try it. Andre tries the opener on a hot chick standing nearby but doesn’t stay in the set. We watch a guy on a ten foot unicycle juggle machetes and then a real chainsaw which was cool. He manages to scare a child to death in a long routine that I won’t go into here. I’ve opened five sets and number closed in the day game session so that’s good work.

Later on I meet up with a new guy Marc in Camden. He’s a really cool guy and we get on well. We start in the Dublin Castle but it’s fairly empty. Marc opened three girls who were all 8+, but they were here with a band and got distracted once the band arrived. We leave and he opens a rock chick waiting for a gig outside the Underworld. We both vibe with her for a bit though he loses the thread on some of the cultural reference points that I’m aware of and he isn’t (e.g. that the Underworld holds mainly noisy rock gigs). He gives me kudos.

We go to the Good Mixer but once again it’s dead on a Thursday. A girl gives Marc IOIs so I open her first with the hair opinion opener. Marc joins and she soon turns her attention to him. While they’re chatting the group that she’s with starts talking about pick-up. I listen in while the girl and Marc keep talking. They’ve busted us! I hear comments like “They don’t look like PUAs…” etc. But the girl and more importantly Marc are oblivious to this all and keep on talking. The group are about to go and Marc finishes up the conversation by asking one of the group if he’s seen any famous people in Camden. He says Neil Strauss. It was hilarious! Anyway we split and try another venue.

There’s not much going on in the other venue other than a huge salsa lesson that we’re not part of. So we sit and chat a bit about game. Marc tells me of this time when he was flirting with a girl and they had everything in common. Everything he talked about she was into too. This kept on going and he thought it was a sure thing. Then he said something and she wasn't into it. This hit him like a brick and he didn’t know what to say next, so the whole thing fell apart. I mentioned that the whole basis of his (brief) relationship with this person was based on commonalities, and then once that wasn’t the case, the whole thing fell apart. He should have tried to develop the relationship based on other factors, like his value to her for example. Or humour. You know the deal.

I sound like a guru.

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