Thursday, 10 July 2008

Back to Square One

So after a poor day yesterday I needed to change my approach a bit to make sure I didn’t have another bad one. I didn’t smoke or do anything too strenuous in the day. I still did a bit of yoga and that felt great. I arranged to meet with Jake in town, with an idea of going to Cheapskates, as I’d read about that venue on another forum as being a good mid week venue. How right they were…

On the tube on the way in I saw a fairly hot girl sitting directly opposite. I noticed she was looking at me and I should have opened but I didn’t. Never mind, other chances will come.

Once I met Jake we had a beer to catch up on stuff, which put me in a much better mood than going straight in. Once Cheapskates was open we went in and as ever at the start it was pretty quiet. But we had a ultra-cheap beer to pass the time (£1 each! An alcoholic’s dream!) while the place slowly but surely filled up.

As ever with Jake we talked about creating random openers. After a long and circuitous discussion over what we should use, I thought that “Do you play golf?” would be an awesomely fun opener to try out. Golf is, after all, such a strange sport that I’ve never enjoyed, and its fashion sense is so fucked up, there’s just something that is inherently amusing about it, at least for me, and that’s the most important point. (Actually I'm a big fan of the Ryder Cup, but that's as far as I go.)

So I stopped a girl who was walking past with a tap on the shoulder and asked her if she played golf. Turns out she did! Had a quick chat with her as a warm up. Jake opened a group next to us, turned out to be a couple and one single chick. Jake spoke to her for a good while but she wasn’t that hot so we ejected after that.

Seeming as golf was going so well, I decided to try the San Jose opener. But to be honest it’s an in joke that only I get, and it’s hard to do anything with it. The one time I used it went like this:

Karlos to 3 girls: “Hey, do you know the way to San Jose?”
Girl 1: “Um no, I’ve not heard of it.” To girl 2: “Do you know where San Jose is?”
Girl 2: “No, perhaps you could ask at the bar?”
Karlos: “OK, thanks anyway…” eject.

I’d like to revive this when I’m better at game, and I’d love to get a close out of it. For now I’m going to drop it though.

So after a couple of warm ups, we then went around and practically opened every spare set that we could find. And it was great, almost every set opened up really well, good reactions, lots of smiles and interest from the girls. Turns out lots of girls were into playing golf, although I think some of the ones that I talked to had been set up by Jake to tell me they played when they didn’t, as part of his take on the routine. But we didn’t sort out where we were going to take that approach, so that needs a bit of work as it kind of petered out.

But like I said the girls opened well, and they were for the greater part hot. Cheapskates is definitely doing something right to get that kind of clientele. It’s definitely a venue I’d go back to as well. I can see my self closing in that venue, possibly for a SNL as well. Well I’m gonna try, dammit! I also opened five sets (might have been more actually) so I’m in keeping with my goals. It’s good to be back on the road again, although I’m still no further along the path than I was before, but still it felt like a good night.

Thoughts on the night:

  • Silly, fun openers that you enjoy are the best
  • Cheapskates is a great mid-week venue
  • Jake is a great wing for me
  • I need to plough through the conversations in the first 5-15 mins. Follow Python’s example and just keep talking rubbish!
  • Still need to escalate. Still need to number close. Still need to get seductive.
  • Need to “gel” with wings when both going into set, so we have an idea of what each is saying and can fit in with the flow of the conversation.
  • I sometimes tap girls on their shoulder to get their attention but need to continue the physical contact after that to increase the comfort and attraction.
  • I do need to revisit the structure of the sarge, particularly A2 and A3, and have some backup routines to use when the conversation lulls.
  • I opened five sets, and they all went pretty well. Yay!

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