Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Danish Pastry

So Jordan messages me for a bit of day game and in the same way that I like being forced into set, I like being forced to game. So I do my best Danny Wallace / Jim Carrey impression and say “Yes, man.”

So I meet up with Jordan and he gives me the run down on his technique, pretty straightforward: direct opener, interview questions, create commonalities, something about your last girlfriend (cheeky but genius), then insta-date and close in any way possible. All good.

So we go walking around and to be honest I’m actually feeling crap. I didn’t sleep too well last night and I’m knackered as fuck. All I can think about is drinking something stimulating. Like tea. But I try to push through. With his third set in two minutes Jordan hooks and ends up insta-dating her and that’s as much of an excuse as I need to go home. Which is OK as I’ve already made plans with Nav to go out tonight.

So I head home, drink some tea, watch a bit of Skins (I’ve started watching it after seeing Dev Patel in Slumdog Millionaire, and it’s pretty good). I meditate for about 15 minutes, make my supper, eat it and head out.

I meet Nav at Tiger Tiger and right from the start it’s clear we’re on a similar wavelength which is pretty much essential with wings. We chat for a bit and then Nav opens a girl at the bar. While he’s there I’m on my own, sitting there like a lemon, but in a totally awesome, completely alpha way of course.

Anyway there’s a group of four girls nearby who switch from a high table to a low one which makes them much easier to approach. I look at them and they’re not too bad, sixes or sevens all of them. They look Scandinavian, but not blonde or blue eyed enough to be Swedish or Norwegian, and not ugly enough to be Finnish. They must be Danish.

Intermission: when I was doing day game with Steve last Thursday I found I was opening by guessing people’s nationality, something I like to do anyway, as I like to revel in the variety afforded to us Londoners. But I think I’m pretty good at it, and can usually get it right. Though don’t ask me to spot the difference between a Slovenian and a Slovakian. Resume.

Anyway as they sit down at the new table one of them looks at me and there’s a slight acknowledgement from her. That’s all the invitation I need. I was pretty sure these girls were Danish, so I approach them, saying “Are you guys from Denmark?” Well a ton of kudos for me as it turns out they are. And they’re really friendly.

So I sit down and have a chat with them, and shortly afterwards Nav comes and joins us too after he’s finished with his set. Then we talk for HOURS about everything. Man we were there for ages. There was a good energy to it though and they were into us. There were a few times when I ran out of things to say, and although I was silent for a short period of time, they would either open me or I would eventually think of something and it would pick up again. It was a good test for me, as I’m someone who is usually only too eager to quit early.

At one point me and Nav go out for a “cigarette” and a bit of guy-coding. It’s hard to escalate given the logistics – four of them, two of us, we’re outnumbered! We reckon we can get their details and then get them out another time and use them as social proof if nothing else. While outside Nav spots a hot Ukranian chick and opens her direct. While he’s there I return to the table. He manages to take her number which is pretty good.

So a few years later we exchange a some of our details and we make arrangements to show them a few cool bars and nightclubs, as they have just freshly arrived in London and given that they’re at Tiger Tiger (as, indeed, are we…) they obviously don’t know the cool venues. Shortly after that they decide to leave which for me is a blessed relief as I can’t be arsed talking for so long usually.

Nav noticed that we’re getting interest from another table of girls as the social proof is pretty high. Hmm, replicating a past success here. The patterns are emerging… Anyway we leave that for a bit and head upstairs. Nav notices three girls sitting in a booth and we try to think of an opener. I’m not feeling “hair” or “ninjas versus pirates” so I try to think of another.

The one that pops into my head is “dumping by text message” but I can’t remember all of the details. We decide to go for it anyway. Plus the girls have been looking at us so that’s all the excuse we need, again.

We go in and although I deliver it pretty atrociously they totally buy into it from the first word and are totally engrossed as to what the protagonists should do. It’s chick crack in its purest form. Anyway we chat with them for a bit and it turns out they’re 19, which we guess completely incorrectly. They’re not that hot though, so when they go to dance we leave them behind.

We head back downstairs and Nav’s keen to talk to the group we saw earlier. They’re not doing much for me and I want to catch the last tube, so I decide to head out. Nav’s umming and ahhing a bit and it’s clear that he wants to approach them but isn’t comfortable without a wing. I give him the tiniest of pushes and he decides to stay behind. I hope it went well…


  • Opening sets early at Tiger Tiger (on weekdays) gives you good social proof and works wonders for that and your confidence.
  • I’m getting more attention from chicks even before I approach them. I put this down to confident body language. And looking amazingly hot.
  • Opening is getting easier and easier.
  • Meditation rocks my game
  • Getting higher energy into the openers and chats, which also works wonders.
  • I’m finally seeing some progress.
  • Oh yeah, I CLOSED!!!

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