Friday, 16 January 2009

What Immortal Hand or Eye…

So I’m all set for a night playing Guitar Hero and getting stoned with my neighbour when I get a text from Nav, suggesting we go out again tonight. Well, I’ve gotta say yes, so I do. It’s too easy to stay in. Needless to say, I manage to get in a bit of rocking and smoking before I have to make my dinner.

That isn’t necessarily a good thing, as if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my escapades last year, it’s that getting stoned and then going out to chat to girls is like tar and feathers – they shouldn’t be mixed. However I stopped smoking a while before I went out so I wasn’t too stoned anyway. And in case you’re wondering, I fucking rock at Guitar Hero.

Anyway so I drive into town and eventually find a parking space in St. James’s Square. I meet Nav in Tiger Tiger, and today it’s a lot busier than it was on Tuesday. We gotta open and Nav sees two girls sitting at a high table. He goes in and starts talking to the hotter of the two. I’m now standing on my own a few feet away, looking a bit like a lemon. I toy with waiting for a few minutes before joining him, but it’s just delaying the inevitable and so I decide to head in sooner rather than later.

It’s a bit awkward as there’s not much space for me to join, but I stick with it and start up a conversation with the other girl. I like to call this winging. So I have a chat with this girl, we have a good conversation with high energy and I talk with enthusiasm about travelling and stuff. She’s into it but I’m not feeling any sexual vibes and even though this girl is Italian, she’s a bit average looking. But I probably should have tried to make it more sexual in some way.

After a bit we check out of that set and go and stand in the middle of the empty dancefloor. I explain some of my comedy dance moves to Nav, which is great for social pressure and gets some attention from the girls. A few of them eventually join us on the dancefloor. Now although this place is busier that on Tuesday, there aren’t really that many girls there (there’s loads of guys) and none of them are particularly hot.

Nav chats to a couple of people. He goes off to meet a friend and I chat briefly to the hottest girl on the dancefloor (from Brazil) but nothing happens. Nav’s friend Mike joins us, then Nav goes for a smoke, telling me to get Mike to open. I point out a girl to him and suggests he approaches her. He heads off … and ends up talking to a guy! Whatever floats your boat I guess!

So with Nav smoking and Mike camping it up I’m once again left on my own at the bar, looking all citrus. I have Mike’s drink with me so I decide to go over to him and give him his drink back, and then open the girl I originally pointed out as he’s standing next to her.

She opens really well (can’t remember what I used) and we have a bit of a chat. I remember for the first time in ages to touch her, brushing my hand against her arm and tapping her on the shoulder. I move on to doing a spin and pretend waltzing. I’ve forgotten how to salsa so I need to go back to that place, might call Jake up for it next week. The chick is only here on holiday goes back on Sunday. Plus she’s not the hottest so I decide not to close and meet up with Nav again.

I open a girl nearby on a table who’s looking bored. “Where’s the party?” I ask her. It’s not delivered well and the positioning is awkward, so the set pretty much bombs. Oh well, at least I tried. Next.

We head upstairs and there are a few girls on the dancefloor. Nav quickly gets engrossed in a conversation with one girl. Mike starts going high energy on the dancefloor, and ends up talking to a couple of Korean chicks. Nothing’s really grabbing my fancy though and I start to chill out a bit.

After this has been going on for a while, we meet again by the bar. Mike challenges me to talk to a girl at the bar. I can’t think of anything to say but go up to her anyway. She’s wearing a monochrome leopard skin print top, so I say “Is that made out of real snow leopard?” She looks totally shocked that she might be wearing real fur, even though it’s plain for all to see that it’s not real. It’s not even furry! Some people have no sense of irony.

I can’t remember what I say after that but I actually turn it around and get a good reaction. But then I’m stuck for things to say and the conversation kinda dies.

After that we’ve pretty much talked to all the hot girls in the club, and it’s even emptying out a bit. I can’t see much more happening tonight, so I decide to head home.


Well it wasn’t a spectacular night by any standards, but at least I went out and at least I opened and tried things out. I was doing kino at one point which is something I often forget to do, so that was great. It’s all grist to the mill and I’m glad I put in the effort.

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