Sunday, 18 January 2009

Lame-Ass Weekend

Well I’m a bit disappointed in myself. The two most important days for sarging – Friday and Saturday – have gone to waste? How?

Well on Friday I didn’t get much sleep the previous night. In fact I was so tired I even had a snooze in the afternoon, such is the luxury of my current lifestyle. However it didn’t solve the problem and I still felt like crap.

Despite that though I arranged to meet up with Pete at Jewel as I fancied a change from a Hoxton weekend. By the time I arrived they had started charging at the door – a mere £10. Well I didn’t fancy that frankly, and luckily Pete agreed to go somewhere else.

We met up with another guy called James I think, who at 20 was a fair bit younger than both of us. We went to a couple of places – Waxy O’Connor’s , Cocoon (which looks good for a day 2) – but nothing was grabbing us.

Although I should mention something that happened for the brief time we were in Waxy’s. James had done off to check the price for On Anon, I went to the loo while Pete waited in the bar. When I returned Pete was talking to two girls. Not having thought of anything to say and not being in a gaming mood I just stood there and said “Hello,” with a slightly ironic Michael Stipe-type grin (watch Tourfilm to get an idea what I mean). A couple of seconds later I though, “Well, I better talk to these people or I’ll look odd,” so I started talking to the girl nearest me.

She had black hair and bright blue eyes, with a pretty beautiful face. Though later Pete told me that he didn’t rate her at all, I thought she was strikingly beautiful. Although a bit flat chested, but you can’t have everything.

So I had a brief conversation with her. Turns out she was an au pair from Macedonia (also know as FYROM) which must be the first Macedonian chick I have met. Anyway we spoke briefly before the girls, who were on their way out anyway, said goodbye. As my girl walked away she held eye contact with me for longer than was necessary. She seemed to be saying to me “I want to meet you again,” or, “Take my number.” Or perhaps “Fuck me now.” It was a split second thing though and I didn’t manage to capitalise on the situation, so it passed.

So anyway Pete, James and I ended up in the queue for Digress. I’m not a massive fan of that place, it’s a bit average. I was toying with the idea of ducking out, going home and leaving Pete and James to get on with it when James said he was going to meet up with a mate and go to On Anon, leaving me with Pete. Well now if I went home I’d leave Pete on his own, and I asked him directly and he didn’t want to sarge on his own, so I felt compelled to stay with him.

So we went in a bought a drink (a Coke of course). There were a fair few girls in there, though the majority were in mixed sets and it seemed hard to open. Though almost all of them were distinctly average, with not much that made me excited. So Pete and I drank and chatted about everything, and didn’t open.

I had convinced myself by this stage that I wasn’t going to open anything that night as I wasn’t in the mood for it. But looking back I really could have. After drinking the Coke I wasn’t feeling that bad, and I could and should have opened. What was that about comfort zones…?

So we went home after that, and it was particularly lame. From not having been in the mood to open, and then probably being able to but convincing myself not, it was a distinctly poor night.

So then, Saturday.

Well I didn’t receive any calls from anyone, and I didn’t bother to send any texts either, so I didn’t arrange anything. It looks like everyone was doing their own thing anyway, and it probably would have been hard to find a wing.

So when my neighbour called and suggested we have an evening of getting stoned and playing Guitar Hero the decision was easy. It was good though as he’s a chef and I convinced him to cook me a pasta dish (he doesn’t usually like to cook on his days off), which was good for him as otherwise he would have spent £10 on take out and the total cost for both of us was £5 exactly. And he’s got no cash. So it was win-win.

Other than that, when I play Guitar Hero I always think how similar it is to pick up – learning a new skill and all that. I might write a post on that some day.

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