Saturday, 10 January 2009

Quoted for Truth

I just saw this post on a forum and it struck a chord with respect to what happened last night, so I thought I'd post it here to remind myself:

Alright dude here it is. Pickup is a persona, it's not about lines, routines, etc. It's a mindset. When I go out, I open everybody with high energy the moment I walk into the door. I bring positive energy into everyone I talk to. Sure, my looks have changed a small bit since learning about this shit, like hairstyle, clothing, accessories, but I look essentially the same. But the way you look and the way others perceive you are two totally different things.

Like I said, it's a mindset. When you walk into a random bar/club and initiate positive interaction with the first 20 people you see, that venue suddenly changes. It becomes a house party and you are the host. Girls will open you because they want to join the "party". They want to be cool, they want to be socially validated. People WILL take your state, that's a fact.

If you are a boring chode, then whomever you talk to is going to be a boring chode. If you are a high energy, positive, happy person, whoever you talk to is going to accept that frame and take it on. Otherwise they would look plain fucking retarded. You know the feeling of being in state? Feels amazing right? Well, when you're in state, those people you talk to become "in state". You make them feel amazing and people are drawn to you. It's all about having the balls to do whatever you want, in a positive, fun, leading, ballsy way.

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