Saturday, 7 June 2008

Everything You Know Is Wrong

So, a couple of nights of sarging. On Thursday met up with new guy Andre who is the coolest Tamil Sri Lankan I’ve met (out of a total of two!) and definitely has the whole confident body language thing down. He’s also probably the person with the most experience that I’ve met so far, and is keen to teach which is gold and something worthy of admiration. I also meet up with Przemec who is a crazy Polish dude who looks like my ex-MD, and his flatmate Kirk. Trev also joins us. We spend a bit of time walking around the centre of town looking for places to go without much luck, and open a few people on the streets to warm up as we go.

As ever the problem is finding somewhere to go on a Thursday. Eventually we end up at the Roadhouse in Covent Garden which is fairly busy and a good place to hang. We open a few sets and get in the flow. I open a table of four Brazilian girls and end up having a good chat with one of them about the differences between London and Rio de Janeiro. This is great because I’m not just doing the opener and then ejecting.

I feel now that after a couple of warm ups I can open very easily, with pretty much any subject (though my trusty hair opener is one I often rely on). The Brazilians were in the middle of a big conversation but I confidently and commandingly went up to the table and in a loud voice I asked my question. They were immediately focussed on me and didn’t go back to their conversation until I had focussed on the one girl. Even when I left they actually asked me what I was going to do with my hair - they really wanted to know!

So my target after that has been to carry on the conversation, and Thursday was the first time in a while that this has happened really well. Once I had exhausted the cultural differences thread I ejected, about 15 minutes later. Przemec asked me why I left, when it seemed I was doing pretty well. It was a good question and in retrospect I could have easily gone for a number.

After that the band started playing and we joined the crowd and partied along to the band. I hung out with a couple of groups of girls and just had a laugh with them, including one girl who kept on backing her ass into me! I teased her that she couldn’t keep away from me and thought my ass was hot! Good times.

Friday was with Greg who had a great new haircut, Canadian Liam, crazy Jordan looking good in a Justin Timberlake hat, and Peter and Scottish Greg (or Greig) who I hadn’t met before. Jordan was sucked away by his addiction to the dancefloor at On Anon, and despite our best intentions to draw him away he chose his own adventure. We hit up Jrink again which wasn’t as busy as last time but still had a few cool girls in there.

I noticed a short but perky Aussie girl standing next to us that I opened with “Are you here for the birthday party?” as there seems to be a lot of birthday parties at this venue. She wasn’t so we just chatted about random stuff. I asked her which part of Australia she was from, and she said, “How did you know I was Australian?” This was hilarious as she had an Australian accent and had the classic Australian girl’s face where the eyes are a bit too close together (don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, or is it just me? Nicole Kidman has this a bit!) Anyway it turns out she’s been in London for 9 years and thought she had lost her accent, and both her parents are Italian so there’s no reason why she should look Australian. Bizarre!

But she was very open and friendly, and we teased a joked around for a good while. She was originally from Adelaide so I teased her about that (“The most interesting city in Australia!” – gold!) and we had a good time. I was coming close to running out of things to say, so I laid out my Classic Number Close™: “What’s your number?” and she put it in my phone. Ding ding ding! This is the first time I've had a number close since starting to do the game concertedly. So a gold star for me. As 60 says - always go for the number close!

To be honest I’m not sure if she’s worth a day two but I’ll give it a shot for practice anyway. I’ll call her on Sunday and hopefully the number will work. Also later that night I saw her dancing with another guy so who knows! Still worth the practice though I think.

We then went to Zebranos on Frith Street which was as shit as On Anon (in my eyes). Fat Asian girls drinking champagne – no thanks. Apparently it was better last week but these things happen I guess. After a while there everyone except Greig quit, while new guy Ryan arrived, starting off his night at 11.30! We were hawked into a shit bar (Bar Soho on Frith Street) – lesson learned there I fear – and then on to Leicester Square which isn’t my favourite place at the best of times. We ended up at some random bar which was a bit quiter and had a few drinks, and shared our stories of the dirtier end of sexual experience which was a good laugh. Though both the guys had more experience that me which is something that can get me down if I don’t keep my emotions in check, and constantly remind myself that I can only judge myself on my own development, which is doing pretty well all things considered.

After a fair chin wag I was starting to feel hungry and tired and we all called it a night. When I got home I suddenly had a rash urge to write down the following drunken ramblings in my notebook, here in it's unadulterated glory to be taken at face value:

“All my self conceptions are shattering.

“How many times have I been out with new guys and they’ve told me – “You know, I like all these guys but you’re the cool one, “ or “You’re really sociable,” or whatever.

“You [sic] have all this bullshit that’s been built up over the years and time and time again what I once considered to be hard wired parts of my personality or rather life, are actually illusions! It blows my mind. Everything is up for grabs now. I feel like I’m starting to turn a corner.”

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hybridpua said...

If there's anything i've learned, is that everything is backward. Push them away, they come to you, tease them and they want you more. I can't wait to hear good things from you!