Thursday, 12 June 2008

Great PUA Blogs from RSD’s Best Instructor

Ever since The Gamewhen Tyler became Neil Strauss’s whipping boy, RSD has had a bit of a bad rep. Despite that it seems now that Tyler has realised his mistakes and is making up for it. In the Blueprint Decoded DVDs he even admits that he was a “maniac” and a “social robot” back in the day.

RSD is now concentrating on “natural game” i.e. where your skills come from a point somewhere inside you – your “core confidence” – and as a result is promoting one of their instructors, Tim, to spread the message.

I’ve always been a bit sceptical about natural game as for me it is essentially routine-based game that has been successfully internalised through good results. Having said that, it is possible to learn routine-based game and not internalise it (which is where Tyler went wrong), so that is something to be aware of.

Either way, to help promote Tim and spread the natural message, RSD have set up two blogs from Tim, a normal one and a video blog.

Having seen them and read the posts it’s clear that Tim is one of the face-value, down to earth type of people that don’t have any insecurities getting in their way (they are “clear” as Jack Canfield would put it) and he has some inspirational things to say.

Whether this means you can ditch the routines and start picking up the hot chicks today I’m yet to find out, but we’ll see.

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