Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Trouble in the Message Centre

So a while ago I bought into a programme run by Simpleology that was called “The Guide to Blogging for Fun and Profit.” I had ignored it as I wasn’t writing a blog just then, but now that I am I thought I would revise it.

Four lessons in and I was waiting for it to tell me something I didn’t know. The fifth lesson however did.

It covered how to write effectively on blogs. Obviously there are no hard and fast rules but some things can help depending on your aims. Anyway for your benefit here is what I learned:
1. Know your audience (this should be easy)
2. Provide value
3. Keep it short and simple (probably haven’t been doing this much!)
4. Make the titles interesting
5. Use keywords
6. Use links
7. Be entertaining
8. Value the comments (go ahead, you know you want to!)
9. Post regularly

For all 17 of you that have regularly been reading this blog, you may have been wondering what was going on with the titles. Well there has been a connecting theme, if anyone can guess what it is I will give them a prize! But from now onwards I’m going to have to revert to a more standard approach if this is going to help anyone.

So there will be a bit of a change in my posts after this one. Keep a look out!

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barcelona boy said...

Love your blog.

Keep it up, especially the field reports.