Monday, 16 June 2008

The Bumpy Road of Sarging

So after going out a bunch of times this week nothing much spectacular has happened. And though there have been no great successes there is always a chance of this happening as you can’t expect development of a skill with this number of variables to happen in a straight line. And this was a dip, a quiet week.

And there are some reasons for that, as touched on in my Euro 2008 post. And there are other reasons, like finding the motivation to open when there aren’t that many girls and they’re not that hot, or the situation is awkward or whatever. I think I do need to force myself to open more frequently. And then remember the high energy factor, and to have fun.

But despite that here are a few notes from events that happened on Friday and Saturday.

Friday: Winging in Central London

Although you can never precisely judge these things I find it’s best when you’re sarging with around three people. Larger groups just tend to be too large, and there’s a risk that you’ll end up all standing in the same area, looking around wistfully, looking like a sausage farm. This happened a couple of times on Friday, and we solved it by just splitting into smaller groups. Maybe I need to think about how many people I invite on a night out!

Przemec pointed out two hot girls dancing and kinda forced me into opening with him! As we were in a noisy club, I didn’t think the hair opener would work, so I used the “natural” approach of just going up there and saying the first thing that came into my head. I walked directly up to them and… nothing came to mind! I semi-bailed at the last minute and stood next to them dancing but looking away. One of the girls then started taking photos of the other, and I instantly thought of an opener, “Hey! No paparazzi!” and soon I was into an interview-type conversation with one of the girls.

Turns out they were from Hungary, so we talked a bit about that. While this was going on, two guys came and started dancing with the girls trying to impress them with sexy man-dancing. But I stuck in there with my conversation for as long as I could. After a few minutes I ran out of things to say and bailed. But at least I opened and ignored the distracting guys for a short while at least.

Later I was on the dancefloor and this small but pretty girl gave me some very direct eye contact which I held. And after she broke she looked back at me for a bit more! I left it for a bit and then Jake challenged me to approach, so I did. As I came towards her she held out her hands and placed them on my face. Strangely, looking back on it now, I completely ignored this! God knows why! I must have compartmentalised it in my head, thinking that a natural wouldn’t let something like this affect him, so I didn’t. So I started chatting to her but after a short while she told me she was married. “Don’t tell me about your problems!” I joked, as I’d read that was a so-called boyfriend destroyer somewhere. She laughed at least, but I left it at that.

Later I observed and worked out who her husband was. After checking I was right I mentioned that his wife was very friendly. From where he was standing he would have seen her place her hands on my face, which seems a very friendly thing to do to a stranger when you’re husband’s five feet away. I asked him if he was OK with her behaviour. “I guess I am,” he said. Pussy whipped, anyone?

Saturday: Barbeque at the Kiwi house on our road (and a quick recap of my drug history)

Not much to mention here apart from general socialising. Two events to report. I was chatting with a few average girls and getting them interested and enjoying themselves. There was one 7.5 girl that I chatted with a bit, but saw that she was already on the coke, and I don’t mean the drink.

Now back in the day I used to take coke every weekend and sometime more often, for about a year. It originally made me high energy and allowed me to stay out late. But after a while I became dependent on it. I was going out loads, consuming large amounts of alcohol, other drugs. I would snort a line and a few seconds later I would vomit. It started to simply make me anxious. I was becoming more and more depressed. I became an insomniac. Imagine how you would feel with only one hour’s sleep a night, for about three or four weeks. I was messing up at work.

So I went to the doctor, started taking anti-depressants, and quit the drugs. I also started using Holosync, which helped even more than the anti-depressants. I turned my life back around.

So this party was the first time I had been around a lot of people taking coke and noticing the effects. I immediately felt two pangs. One is the fucked-up drug addict paranoia of “Why haven’t they offered me any drugs? I want some drugs. I want to ask those people for some drugs. But they’re not being friendly towards me. Am I not popular or sociable enough?” A lot of shitty old thinking basically. I got over that after about a second and a half. The other thought was that these people are fucked on coke and aren’t going to be easy to connect with. As when you’re on different drugs, you’re in different head spaces, and when you’re straight it’s questionable as to whether you want to join them. So I didn’t waste my time with this girl, maybe another time I would have experimented with see what it was like, but not tonight.

So I was talking to an average girl when the 7.5 girl walked past and spilled her drink on my arm. She wiped it off and apologised, I thought nothing of it. However when she left the girl I was talking to said that she did that because she fancied me. And I guess that spilling the drink meant that she touched me etc. I have no idea if that was true though, as I couldn’t see her when she spilled the drink. Maybe the average girl was jealous. Whatever, I’m definitely analysing this too much!

Finally towards the end of the party there were a few people sitting around talking, most of them fucked on coke and semi-comatose or wired. There was one hot 8.5 girl who was enjoying the sound of her own voice, and becoming a bit tiresome. I had just agreed to get some rizlas for a mate from my house when this girl said “Anyone want to hear me sing?” Not giving too much of a shit about her attention seeking, I sarcastically said “Yes” as I walked out the door. As I got to the front door of the house, she suddenly appeared behind me, saying “Why did you say Yes if you were leaving?” so I replied “I was only playing with you!” and I playfully touched her chin.

This completely blew her mind and about three seconds later she replied “Yeah I was playing too!” SO I said “Cool” and walked out. Thinking back on this now I should have pinned her to the wall and kissed her, then lead her home and blown her brains with a god-like multi-orgasmic marathon sex session. Funny how you learn things after the event isn’t it?

Anyway after I came back she was still being a nuisance and shortly afterwards I called it a night. As my mate and I were leaving she was still trying to convince to stay and listen to her singing. And it’s only now that I’m bashing my head against my keyboard and realising that she was into me. She was being needy and wanting me to give her attention (which of course turned me off) when I now know that I could have had her riding me until I was sore and spent. All because I don’t like coke. There’s a lesson there.

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