Wednesday, 11 June 2008

My objectives for pick-up over the next two months

So Scottish Greg and I have put together our SMART objectives for pick-up, after he was influenced to do it from his review at work. The acronym SMART in SMART objectives stands for:


So to go back to my current challenges from my original post:

  • Number close more frequently
  • Find and open hotter girls
  • Seductive conversation
  • Kiss close
  • Flying solo
Here are my SMART objectives, valid until 31 July 2008.

  • By the end of June I will have number closed 5 times
  • By the end of July I will have number closed 15 times, 5 times with girls who are 7 or above
  • By the end of July I will have been to ten new venues for sarging, and have put together a list of venues for each day of the week that has the hottest girls
  • By the end of July I will have opened ten girls hotter than a 7.
  • By the end of June I will have researched and implemented how to turn my conversation seductive, and used it five times.
  • By the end of July I will have kiss closed ten girls.
  • By the end of June I will have gone sarging solo twice.
  • By the end of July I will have gone sarging solo five times.
I’ll be updating you all on how well I meet them on this blog!


Anonymous said...

dude.. up your goals!! 5 # closes by the end of june??!! its not a good goal b/c it throttles you DOWN


you can get 5 a day.. and it is important to get MORE because this gives you insane momentum, and as you get more, the new ones are less valuable, and you care less about them

girls give #'s ALL THE TIME.. make this your reality.. it is NO BIG DEAL.. ALL THE TIME man.. make this part of your reality. so you can then move on to dealing with

no callbacks
and the next rash of BS you must conquer!!

bon voyage


Anonymous said...

Hey man, cheers for your feedback. TBH I know I could get five number closes really easily, but not necessarily from hot chicks or girls I'm interested in. The key is to get number closes from quality women.

And if you have any advice on target rich venues in London then let me know! Especially mid week!