Monday, 9 June 2008

Rise to the Challenge

So now that I’ve been doing this for a few weeks I’ve noticed my challenges have now changed and developed. My initial concern was to open regularly and get that sorted. I believe that has now happened, both with my “hair” opener, but also with the opener challenge that I shared with Jake. Plus Scottish Greg and I developed our new “guy’s plunging v-neck” opener which is a classic though mainly only suitable for use in Shoreditch or other places where people are tragically fashionable.

I’ve also been able to cover off my second challenge, which was to open and then continue further than the opener, i.e. to engage in a conversation with a girl for more than say three minutes.

I was out in the pays touristiques of Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden today with Andre, and we opened a bunch of sets, mainly tourists but hey, and they all went well. Looks like day / street game is going well. Andre was kind enough to say that I had good conversational skills and made me realise that I have that part down now as well.

And in a funny way I always knew I did. I am now old enough to have had some interesting life experiences and therefore a bunch of things to talk about. Becoming more aware of what these are and then using them in this context is something that has really strengthened over these last few weeks.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that before I go out, I get totally enveloped with the Fear. It’s like a really heavy weight of foreboding and dread that kind of sits over me. Which is really strange as I don’t tend to experience it at all when I’m talking to girls. It’s like my approach anxiety has moved back in time from just before the initial approach to about an hour earlier, and increased in mass! Very strange. But I’ve managed to ignore it and so far it’s never been proved right apart from once, so hopefully it will decrease over time!

I’ve also noticed that sometimes when I’m in the field, my motivation to open decreases. Partly because I know that I can open easily now, and partly because there aren’t that many truly hot girls around, so I don’t have the desire to. This will be less of a problem when I find the better venues to go out to, but it’s something I need to focus on.

So now that I’ve covered my first two challenges, there are a couple more that I need to move on to. After the opener and the initial conversation I need to focus on number closing more frequently. I also need to kiss close on the first meet, which is something I’ve only done a handful of times in the past and not yet done since focussing on this again properly. I also need to try flying solo – going out and sarging on my own. That’s still sounds like a scary idea to me! And one other thing that Andre reminded me of was to make my conversation more seductive after a while, to escalate things further. So with the easiest first, my current challenges are:

  • Number close more frequently
  • Find and open hotter girls
  • Seductive conversation
  • Kiss close
  • Flying solo
And the accompanying affirmations: I frequently and consistently number close. I always successfully open the hottest girls I see. I smoothly and easily make my conversations more and more seductive. I easily kiss girls when I first meet them. I happily go out on my own to meet new women and end up having sex with them. Powerful stuff!

In other news I’m off to Cyprus for a few days next week for some sun! Nice.

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