Friday, 13 June 2008

Euro 2008 is destroying my game!

So I went out for a couple of nights this week, and I have to say I’m still having trouble finding the good venues to go out in mid-week. The whole of London seems dead! There must be enough people out there somewhere with more money than jobs or something to party away the evenings of mid-week!

Having said that, there could be a major reason why places are pretty dead at this time of year. Euro 2008. It’s keeping guys in the pub and the girls at home. Maybe, maybe not – I don’t know. But for some reason everywhere seems dead in the early evenings…

Having said that (part 2…) it does seem that some venues get busy later, and that the 7.30-10.30 period is the hardest to find sets to open.

Last night we were checking out the Roadhouse again and also The Gardening Club for the first time. Roadhouse wasn’t as busy as last week so we went to Gardening Club. That wasn’t busy either, though I did notice that they had an ultra-eclectic music policy; everything from Soft Cell’s Tainted Love through Radiohead’s Just to that American Boy song.

However after a while there we went back to Roadhouse, and as we left a few girls came in. When we got to Roadhouse is was busier but over the next hour or so it got truly busy. This then is the sweet spot, about 10.30 until midnight if not later. I’m pretty sure Gardening Club would have been busier later as well, and we could have had a good night there. I think I need to adjust my expectations and go out / stay out later.

It was just as well it filled up as until then I was thinking the night was going to be like that other Thursday a few weeks ago where I couldn’t find the will to open, and I was generally having a shit time (see the Out of Routine post). I had been for a hardcore run earlier and worn myself out, so was down on energy a bit. Then the lack of sets and my growing hunger distracted me even more.

However a good burger sorted one of those problems out, and soon the place began to fill up. We hit the dance floor and opened a few sets. As they were warm ups they didn’t go too far, but at least unlike that other Thursday I’d worked through the crap period and my thoughts of quitting early, and opened some sets.

There was a point when I was on the dancefloor when I noticed I was feeling a bit insecure. During a toilet break I realised that this was because I was trying to gain reactions off people and wasn’t truly enjoying myself. As soon as I switched my perspective I started to enjoy myself a lot better and ironically get better reactions off people.

The only other thing to mention of the night was that I’m having grave doubts about Jordan’s dancing ability – it seems to be getting condescending laughs or “who is this freak?” looks from both girls and guys. I’ve challenged him to game without dancing which I think will really make him grow as a PUA. The good thing about that though is that he really doesn’t care and just ignores the negative aspects of other people’s reactions. So when people start interacting with him thinking he’s a freak he doesn’t care and just enjoys himself. And who’s to say he’s wrong? There’s probably an opener in there somewhere that I can use anyway!

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Savoy said...

Nice blog! Drop me a line sometime at if you want to trade links or talk about other stuff we can do together. (This isn't for publication; I just didn't see any other contact link)

barcelona boy said...

I love your posts.

Any pick ups?

barcelona boy said...

Try floridita at wardour st (100?).

Nice big bar, dance area downstairs difficult to get into ( but I can get you in there tomorrow).

hybridpua said...

Nice dude, don't forget, you don't have to just game girls at the club, i'm sure you see beautiful women during the day or when you're just out, game them to. Can't wait to hear good things from you!