Sunday, 20 September 2009

Another textbook situation

So I met this girl in a bar and I kissed her and got her number. FR is here: So after that texted back and forth a bit as we tried to meet up.

My big failing in this area in the past has been not responding quickly enough. I would often leave it days which would make the interaction go cold, so I made sure I didn’t do that this time.

The other mistake I used to make was trying to get sexual over text and probably too quickly – that didn’t work either, it would scare them off.

So I just kept it to basic, normal, fun interaction which seemed to work and kept the conversation flowing. It wasn’t constant, it wasn’t every day, but enough to keep things warm.

We were trying to meet up but we were both busy – she works shifts as a nurse so isn’t often free in the evenings and weekends, I was busy with my social life, friends and various trips abroad which I had planned. Finally though we arranged to meet up last Tuesday evening.

We met in Covent Garden just before 9. It was raining like a bitch so we had our first drink in the pub nearest to the tube station which was a nice, traditional, warm pub, excellent for comfort, which is how the conversation went for the first drink. I just talked about my life point of view, what I enjoyed, things good or bad that had happened to me in the past (including a few stories from my travels). After one drink the rain had stopped so we made our way to another bar I had lined up as a day 2 venue. Small, quiet, intimate, classy. We get there and have another drink and continue the conversation. I should point out that she is hot, a little inexperienced in London life perhaps, but intelligent and down to earth and has a streak of kookiness in her.

We just chill and vibe for the next drink. We both know that she can’t stay late so there’s a low chance of sex tonight. After we finish our drinks we move on to cocktails. We have one each, continue to talk. I know we need to kiss and although we haven’t been having a sexual conversation I’ve been communicating sex with my eyes and I can sense that she likes me anyway – or rather I know that she likes me, it was clear from her texts and the fact that we kissed when we first met. So when I felt it was right I just leaned in, turned her face towards me gently and kissed.

We finished our drinks, kissed a bit more and left. We were taking the same tube to start with on our way home so we sat next to each other and talked and kissed a bit more. Because of this she missed her stop! She got off at the next one and went home. Maybe I could have turned it into a pull back to mine, but I only realised this afterwards and we had already arranged to meet on Saturday so that was a banker.

So we met up on Saturday. At the nearest tube to where I live. See what I did there? The logistics were in my favour. We kissed and hugged when we met, I needed lunch so we went to a café and had a bite to eat. She had a coffee. We chatted as normal again. After we had finished we walked to a pub by the river.

We sat down on the grass by the river with our drinks and continued talking. Now we had time, and I could escalate. We talked about stuff and I started to get the conversation sexual. At first she was a bit defensive. She said she was a pure girl, she was wearing a white dress with flowers on that she said meant that she was pure. This was only semi-serious and I thought of a good way to respond to it. I told her flowers were very sexual (as anyone who’s seen the animated version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall will be able to tell you) and they are literally the sexual organs of plants – allowing bees to do their fertilising for them. We started kissing and getting more and more tactile. We wrapped our legs together, stroked each other gently. I slowly took things further, finally running my hand up her legs and stroking her panties. In public. She said she was wearing stockings so she was “protected”. Her words were saying one thing but her actions – allowing me to do this – were saying another. It reminded me of that R Kelly song – “My mind’s telling me No, but my body, my body’s telling me Yes.” It was going well.

It was starting to get dark and it was time for dinner. I wanted to cook some pasta (which I do very well) so we went back past the supermarket and back to mine. Easy.

There was no one else at home which was handy, so I put on some music in the kitchen and did the cooking while we chatted. Once I’d sorted out the sauce it just had to simmer, so I stood her up, pushed her against the work surface and ravished her, kissing her with hands everywhere. I lifted up her dress and there was no resistance. So I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

Once there I laid her on the bed, kissed and dry humped her, getting her hot and bothered, and piece by piece removed her clothing. No resistance at all although she didn't want to remove her bra. That was fine, I can fuck her with her bra on. I started fingering her and she said that she wanted me inside her. Only then of course the little chap wasn’t playing ball. Shucks.

We lay down together and caressed. Slowly things became hot again. I rubbed her clit and she had a small orgasm. I got hard again and got things going, but then the little chap got shy again. I’m out of practice and I guess I’m more used to my right hand than the real thing. Hmm. Not great.

Anyway after a bit more cuddling we went back down and finished off the cooking and ate the food. We made plans to meet on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning before I leave for the Singapore grand prix so I’m sure we’ll have a fuckfest then.

So any ideas on how to avoid the problems in the bedroom? I think having regular sex is the key. I know that this relationship is going to become fuck-buddy based (she pretty much said that’s what she wanted as well, which is great) so that will solve the problem I think. After all I've had similar situations in the past and through regular sex I've become the best fuck the girls have ever had. Also probably wanking less! Any other ideas would be helpful too. Zinc? Viagra?

After the meal I walked her back to the tube and kissed her goodbye. Looking forward to Wednesday.

The funny thing about this LR / pick up is that is was so easy. It helps that she’s into me I guess, but I knew exactly how it was going to go. Part of that comes from experience, but it also came from being relaxed, not worrying about anything, going with the flow. And that, in my opinion, comes from meditation. Read Barry Long’s Meditation, A Foundation Course if you're interested.

Lessons: texting problems solved, taking it easy but escalating. She told me that the reason she liked me is that she liked talking to me - I guess I have the comfort thing down. Plus she said that when I said she was naughty at our first meet, that made her curious. Big hint there.

To improve: my sexual performance lol. I know that will come in time.


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