Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Truth or Dare

So in general in my life I’ve been concentrating less on game and more on hanging out with my friends as they’re fun and cool, I enjoy it and it’s good for the soul. So sue me! But also there’s a bit of so-called “social circle” game going on there, as my last post shows.

So two weeks ago it was Lovebox and me and my flatmates and neighbours are all over there, hanging out, having fun, getting wasted and being disappointed by Gary Numan’s lame set. In the group that I’m with most of the time is my flatmates IT guy and hot French girl and neighbour Aussie oriental chick. The Aussie chick is the local bike and has been with IT guy, German chef and my other male flatmate already. I’m slow on the uptake!

Anyway the festival is a lot of easygoing fun and I keep up a lot of kino and create fun times with everyone. A while ago I read a free PDF on the web of someone’s autobiography of how he became a sexual expert, having had his wife leave him because he was crap in bed (no it wasn’t David Shade, it was some English guy from the ‘70s). In that among many experiences he spends some time in Bali with a guru who gets him to see everything as sex or a sexual act – from the hills as breasts to having a pee as coming. Apparently that made pissing quite enjoyable for him!

Anyway I can’t say that I’ve done exactly the same but I have taken on the principles. We have these big concrete columns in our office and when I pass them I remember to stroke them with my hand and imagine some kind of caress. The upshot of this principle and from conscious practice in the field is that my kino is naturally increasing and I’m getting better at it, and enjoying doing it.

So at Lovebox I was making sure to kino Aussie chick as much as possible, as well as leading the group (not in an alpha “we’re doing this because I want to” kind of way, but more of a “I think this is a good idea, wanna come along?” kind of approach. Which, given that in these situations most people don’t know what to do, immediately gives you man-points) and generally being cool, easy going and fun. Needless to say as the night goes on, people get more wasted and Duran Duran start playing Ordinary World, we eventually make out for a good period of a time.

That was fun and unfortunately it didn’t go any further as by the time we got home and the whole group did a load more partying I was too wasted from the drugs and eventually had to retire to bed. But there’s more to come from that I’m sure.

The next weekend I went to Mallorca to visit German chef, German chef 2 and, indeed, German chef 3 (who was working out there and was our host). There wasn’t much sarging going on for various reasons. All that’s worth mentioning was the waitress in German chef 3’s restaurant at the start of the meal said that she was looking crap. I said she looked wonderful and then chefs 1 and 2 and me kept up the flirting for the rest of the night. She enjoyed herself and was very flirty with all of us in return (particularly as German chef 2 is a cocky natural and German chef is pretty good looking though can be a bit shy) even though she has a boyfriend. And I had a great time partying with the guys and driving around the island, taking in the beauty. One of the reasons why I like German chef 1 so much and why he’s my best friend is his unadulterated joy at all things, and this trip was no exception. Alter, das ist so krass, so schön!

So last weekend on the Friday I was out with my flatmates and neighbours in the local pub as the weather was good. Had some fun though nothing sarge-related.

On Saturday I went to Jewel in Piccadilly with Liam and Peter. I opened a quick set as I ordered the first round of drinks – I always like to get a warm up set out of the way quickly. Turns out the vibe was pretty good that night. There were a lot of women about, a lot of hen nights though not the crazy slapper kind you often get – most of these girls were pretty cool and some were hot. The music was pretty good too – they’ve started hiring vaguely good DJs and tonight it was Joey Negro – I had heard of him but didn’t know his genre, but he did a good job.

I can’t remember what happened exactly after that but Pete did his usual thing of calling people gay if they hadn’t opened. Although it is a bit lame as long as it’s not serious it can be a good incentive to just go and open people, which as Jon and Greig know only too well, can have good results.

Again I noticed getting good eye contact with random girls in the bar, which in my head meant they were totally into me in a big way. I was generally in a happy mood and enjoying myself too. I can’t remember who or what I opened but I was talking to people.

Soon there was a group of girls near where we were standing and one of them was looking at the unusual table near us. I started talking to her and her friends and everyone was joking and having fun. They were putting pegs on people as part of their hen party challenge, so I have a bit of fun with this keeping with the fun vibe.

A Chinese chick gets my attention and I have a chat with her. She’s cool and we have a laugh together.

A while later we join the whole group at their table where the hen is and about eight other girls. Just at that moment someone pulls out a bunch of cards with dares written on them. The first girl to take one has to tell someone they love them for 60 seconds. She picks me and I get her to sit on my lap and she tells me how much she loves me. I play along and am laid back and cool, laughing at it all.

A second card comes out and this girl has to kiss someone. She picks me of course and so being a gentleman I help her out. She’s about a 6/7 so she looks OK thankfully and it’s not a problem. I go for the lips and discover she’s eager and we tongue down. The table cheers and flashes go off as everyone gets into it. Afterwards she looks into my eyes, gives me a smile and stokes the back of my neck. She’s a nice girl but not quite hot enough so I don’t take it further.

I chat to Liam and we work out we’re both after the same girl. It’s only afterwards that I find out that he was gaming her properly beforehand and he thinks I’m swissing* on him but at the time I have no idea. I go back to her chat a bit and ask for her number. She says she doesn’t give out her number which throws me and I eject.

Liam goes in afterwards and gets her email. Apparently she also refuses the phone number but smartly he asks for an email and gets it. I should have done the same, fair play to him. After Liam gets the email I feel a bit crap so I decide to head home.

A good night over all, one sort-of kiss and some good practice. Just need to keep up the good work.

*It's a long story but in our group the term "swissing" means hitting on a girl that is already someone else's target.

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