Sunday, 19 April 2009

Last night, she said...

OK yeah I’m bad at writing reports, I might actually stop doing it as my motivation to write them is really low and it usually takes me ages anyway.

But here it is. We arranged to meet up in Shoreditch and by the time I arrive the guys are in Ziegfrids. There aren’t many sets and it seems to be about 90% guys. But I’m in a good mood, I definitely feel there’s a good wind behind me at the moment for some reason. I’ve been working out still and I’ve noticed that I’m getting a lot more random interest from girls. Who would have thought? Guys with bigger muscles get more attention from girls? My female flatmates now wolf whistle me when I go to for a shower. Though, of course, you don’t need to be ripped to pull chicks. Some of the best naturals I know are as skinny as rakes. Others aren’t.

Of course this could be my beliefs affecting my perception – if I believe having an athletic physique will get me attention then it will probably become a self fulfilling prophesy. Maybe it’s some kind of self-justification for me. Maybe I ignored the attention before. But anyway, I’ve noticed that I’m getting more attention from girls.

I’ve also noticed that I’m getting better at staying in set and getting the kinds of responses I want from chicks – i.e. interest and emotional reactions like giggling and winding them up and so on. That’s a step in the right direction.

So in the bar there weren’t many sets, but there was a set of three average girls nearby. Jon had just opened them and then Pete challenged the rest of us to open the same set as well. As I was feeling in a good mood I thought I’d give it a go. I opened with Pirates versus Ninjas and it went like a dream. It engaged them in a fun and interesting conversation. I tried out a few things like making statements not questions, trying to guess what job they did (and getting it right – they were shoe designers) and that sort of thing. It went very well and I was getting good attention, but as none of them were that hot, I ejected eventually. But only after I’d been in set for a good period of time.

After that we explored downstairs but there wasn’t much happening there. When we went back upstairs I noticed a couple of girls sitting at a table, and they both seemed pretty cute, one in particular was my type.

I went up and opened with “Sorry I’m late…” and once again couldn’t get it to work well – my delivery is all wrong. I need to find a way to make it work for me, but haven’t yet. But I stuck in there, and one of the girls initiated rapport with me, so that was a good sign.

I was just getting into the swing of things when a guy turned up and took his place at the table, completely by random. I realised that I had joined the table of two girls while the guys were away – and I didn’t know the relationships between them. I immediately started talking to the guy to try and get him on my side, and it was easy enough, he was a cool guy, pretty much your standard boring accountant type person.

So I chatted with him for a bit but due to all the uncertainty – was I hitting on a couple of girls with boyfriends who were just about to appear? – and dealing with the new guy, I was stressed so I ejected myself.

But that wasn’t the end. A short while later I’d noticed that three guys had joined the table. Then one of the girls – the one that initiated rapport and was the cuter of the two – stood up and started dancing right next to where we were standing. This was a sign and an opportunity. I gave her a spin and started talking to her. I found out she was a primary school teacher, and that the group were all friends and not going out with each other.

So we were having a chat, she was a bit drunk and I thought it was going well and for some reason my mind started to wonder. And then she said, “Cool, nice to meet you, have a good evening,” and left. That’s my line! But wait – what were we talking about? Because my mind wondered I lost the set. That was strange. Must stop smoking so much weed. Never mind.

So that was a good night, again I can really feel things developing with staying in set and generating the right sort of reactions. I’m liking it.

The next day it turned out that we were having a sort of house party. That was good as I was feeling lazy and it seemed an easier option than going into town.

So there were a few random people over and unusually for our flat, all the housemates at the same party at the same time. There was the odd friend here and there and my hot French flatmate had brought round a hot French friend. Think Natalie Portman, but a bit more French and with blonde hair. Hot to trot.

She was eyeing me. Big time. Initially we were at other ends of the table and so every now and then I caught her staring at me from the corner of my eye. I’d of course match it and I should have given her a cheeky smile but that’s something for next time. But I was definitely getting looks from her. I took me a long time to socially engineer the situation but after a while I ended up sitting next to her and having a chat. I was doing a bit of qualification but I think that was a bit too far as she wasn’t responding to the questions in the right way and it came across as a bit boring. I think I should have run a bit of attraction first off to set the right tone.

She said she was shy – if I was her type then maybe that’s why. We chatted for a bit but there wasn’t a spark. Others who spoke to her said she wasn’t shy – so maybe my approach was wrong as it didn’t open her up in the right way. Anyway, at least I spoke to her, and she may be back one day.

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