Thursday, 9 April 2009

I like to party. Everybody does.

So my neighbour called me up and said he was going to a friend’s birthday drinks in Portobello Road. I had a house party later but I needed to kill time before then. So I went along.

We got there and I was not feeling that sociable. Plus I didn’t know many people – I knew my neighbour and two of his friends that I had met once before. They were chatting and I couldn’t hear them, so I stood around for a bit. I could feel myself feeling uncool and losing state, but I’d been here before. There was no rush.

I just did the usual thing of observing my state, and it quickly evaporated. I sat down and started to chat with everyone around. I was talking to probably the cutest girl there who was about a 7, but didn’t have much personality to go with it. In fact she was a IT support girl with a typically black, cynical attitude that is a prerequisite for that kind of job it seems. But we had a joke about that and had a good chat.

I talked to a few other people and because I was dressed well and have been working out recently some of the girls were checking me out. In fact, one of them kept coming up to me and taking pictures of me, half pretending to be taking pictures of the whole group.

It’s funny when that happens because it’s totally at odds with my self-esteem. Chicks think I’m hot. It’s still an idea that I’m getting used to.

Anyway the chick that was most into me wasn’t that hot, so I kinda left it be. She lives down the road from me so I might think about fucking her at some point as I haven’t had sex in a while. But as she’s not hot there’s no great demand.

Anyway so when the bar closes surprisingly early, I head off to the party, picking up Greig on the way as he lives nearby. We get to the party and it’s massive – there’s a band playing live, the room is the size of a warehouse, there was a man on fire, a guy on a horse and I killed a guy with a trident. It was that kind of party.

Unfortunately it was dark and noisy by the time we arrived and everyone seemed to be in groups more or less. Me and Greig chatted for a while but it wasn’t the best situation to open in, which was a bit disappointing. We should have been there a bit earlier before it got too noisy to make friends and that.

Anyway before we left Grieg forced me into a set. I opened them but stalled out fairly early – still the same problem. Still, it was a good night over all.

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