Sunday, 18 May 2008

I Started Something I Couldn't Finish

So I've decided to focus a lot more consistently on "gaming" and work up my skill set to get to a place where I'm better than I am at the moment. I know this will require effort and in some respect it won't be fun, but then fun is a matter of perspective and I'll do my best to stay positive about it all.

In the past I've had some random good experiences. I've had girlfriends, though I wish they were hotter. I've had one night stands, though I would like more. Once I was in a bar and number closed three hot women within five minutes. That's a night I'd like to repeat. However, it also was one of the first nights that I had taken cocaine, and the excitement and adrenaline was surely a contributing factor. Some time after that I became a cocaine addict, so it wasn't all good. I gave up coke after a short while though.

My favourite openers have been "Hi, how's it going?" and "Hi, my names's Karlos" *shakes hand. I've also used, "Hey are you guys X nationality?" which does work even if it's wrong, and "Hey, are you guys from X?" where X is the town or nation that I'm visiting. I used that in Seattle recently and opened a couple of hot girls from New York. They worked in fashion, that's how hot they were. They weren't models though. That's how hot they weren't.

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Marc said...

hey dude - good to read your posts. I have just started. I am also a bit older than the average PUA so very interested in reading all of your blogs. Keep it up and keep it real :-)

I am in London and just starting out.