Monday, 11 January 2010

LR: It’s only natural

So here’s the scene. One of my flatmates arranges to take me, our current flatmates and one other mutual friend down to her dad’s house on the south coast for a weekend out of the city. Which was a nice idea, especially to see some of the countryside covered in snow. It turns out that her dad is there too with her partner and a few other people turn up. We all stay the night which is fine as the house is huge and has about 20 million bedrooms.

So here’s the full cast:
My English female flatmate [Host girl]
My hot French female flatmate [Frenchie]
My English male flatmate [IT guy]
The hot Australian female friend of the flat [Aussie girl]
My English female flatmate’s dad [Dad],
And his female partner [Dad’s bird]
Half-Japanese female family friend who is some kind of doctor [Doctor girl]
Another female family friend, who is a PA [PA girl]

If you’re paying attention you’ll notice that girls outnumber the boys 2 to 1. Nice odds.

So we all sit down and have a meal which is really nice and chat and get to know each other in a civilised, social kinda way. We’re knocking back the wine and getting nicely drunk and having a good time. After dinner we play some games and have a laugh. In these situations I tend to get very competitive and try really hard to win, although not with bad humour. We all enjoy ourselves.

After dinner and games things get more excitable as people start dancing to the music, sliding across the wooden floor in our socks and other such silliness. It’s good fun though I do find myself feeling a bit self conscious and not being the life and soul of the party, probably as I’m a bit tired. But I do my best to get stuck in.

Despite IT guy being a bit of a geek, he always has a girlfriend on the go more or less, though usually average looks (not that I do loads better). And I have to say I am impressed with his one-on-one dancing skills, which is odd given that he doesn’t come across as being that coordinated generally. Perhaps I’ve misjudged him – after all he does a lot of rollerskating and is good at it, which does require a fair amount of physical coordination.

Anyway through all the dancing he gets it on with the Doctor girl and ends up snogging her in front of everyone. I’m impressed as she’s pretty hot and the only time I’ve seen him with someone that hot before is with Aussie girl, but then she’s quite easy. I’m also impressed with his confidence in snogging in front of everyone. And needless to say, I was a little jealous as she was hot. Turns out she was very drunk, but then I still could have been there.

However I didn’t beat myself up about it, and I didn’t get that sinking feeling in my stomach that I used to get in these situations. Anyway in the latter part of the evening Dad’s bird, PA girl and to a lesser extent Doctor girl quiz us flatmates on who is going out with who and which of us are single. Funnily they thought that IT guy was going out with Host girl and I was going out with Aussie girl (we are great friends and quite intimate with each other, lots of people make that mistake including her mum who’s convinced I’m her boyfriend!).

In hindsight I realise that this is a tactic by the others to work out who is available and who they can hook up with, though I wasn’t aware of this at the time. Anyway towards the end of the night IT guy has his face full of Doctor girl and everyone else is sitting around chatting. Me and PA girl have a bit of a dance and though I’m not great at one-on-one dancing I get by OK. She was OK looking, not hot and not ugly, slim.

We eventually sit down and PA girl starts quizzing me about my life and what I’m up to. I talk about the four month trip to South America I’m about to kick off next week and also what job I had been doing and other such general stuff. She starts to get very interested in me, particularly about the trip. She then goes on to ask me about my friends, past girlfriends and which girls I fancy. I mentioned that I snogged Aussie girl once and that I think Frenchie is hot and wouldn’t mind going there, but for some reason I haven’t, mainly as she’s my flatmate and that can get awkward. She tries to convince me to tell her how I feel even though I’m resistant to it and I do start to feel a little uncomfortable talking about it.

I start to ask her about what she does and it turns out that she’s a PA for a manager in Jamie Oliver’s company. That’s about all I find out about her actually although one thing I should mention beforehand is that elsewhere in conversation with other people it comes up that she has a boyfriend who is a policeman. Also I never find out her age, though I would guess given some things she told me about her life that she is early thirties though she could be late twenties.

It’s now about 3 a.m. and finally people start going to bed. IT guy and Doctor girl head off to one room. I was meant to go in the room next to them but that doesn’t sound too appealing now, so we work out that I can share a twin room with PA girl. Writing this report it seems quite obvious but at the time although I was aware that she was into me a bit I didn’t think sex was on the cards as there hadn’t been much sexual tension or tension of any kind really, no highs and lows of emotion.

As we got ready to sleep it was all matter of fact and she was fully clothed. I was in my boxers but the lights were dark by then so it’s not as though she was checking out my body or anything. In the dark we chat a bit more about relationships and she asks me how many girlfriends I’ve had. I tell her 12 (well, that’s my lay count at least) and she mentions that that’s a good number. I ask her how many girlfriends she has had and she says none, I tell her that she should try it sometime as it’s quite fun! I also happen to talk about how we as a flat speak quite openly about our sex lives and that this particularly comes from the girls (which is all true). In retrospect this probably helped her become more comfortable with her actions and what was about to happen. Classic ASD but nothing that was a deliberate line or routine.

There’s a break in the conversation and I think about falling asleep. After a while she asks me if I’m asleep yet and I tell her no. This is the first time that I think that sex is actually going to be on. I always was aware that something might happen but the whole time I had been talking to her it had always been matter of fact and I wasn’t really bothered whether we did or didn’t do anything. Maybe this laissez faire attitude came across as a very centred confidence, I don’t know.

She turned over and held out her hand. Then I knew it was over. I reached out and we held hands. A few seconds later I leant over and started kissing her. She immediately responded well and it got very passionate. I could tell that she wanted it and this was very exciting for her. A few seconds later I moved over to her side and lay on top of her. I removed her duvet which was in the way, and then set about her clothing – well, that was in the way too. Naked we writhed around with me on top, then when I got hard I started fucking her.

One thing I’ve noticed at this point is when I try to enter a girl for the first time, it’s like my dick keeps on catching on something. It can hurt a bit! Anyway somehow I sorted that out and we had a fuck. I didn’t last long as, frankly, I’m too used to jerking off and coming quickly at the moment.

When I’m in long term relationships I can build up how long I last to levels where it isn’t a problem, but when I have sporadic sex I tend to be too short lived. Well, that’s the way it goes it seems. Hopefully as I get better at pick up the sporadic sex will become more regular and this will become less of a problem.

Anyway I come over her stomach and we lie together. I’ve become totally comfortable with contact with my own bodily fluids, which I guess is just as well. We’re still horny and we writhe around, kissing, biting, caressing. I work on her nipples, getting them nice and hard. I work down and eat her out and finger her for a bit, and though it has some effect it doesn’t seem to work too well.

We caress some more and when I get hard we start fucking again. This time I work out a better way to enter her. When I get the sensation of being stuck I back out a bit and then go in a bit and repeat, making short thrusts. Eventually I realise I’m in and have avoided the painful part from previously. Maybe I’ve solved this problem.

We fuck again and still I don’t last very long. I come over her stomach once again and we collapse together. We both lie there, tired and spent, and I can sense her relaxing and falling asleep. Funnily she says “I only wanted to hold your hand.” Luckily with all my reading of seduction literature I know what this is – an attempt for her to deny responsibility for her actions so she doesn’t feel like a slut. So I respond with, “It’s OK, it’s all my fault,” which she seems to find acceptable or at least doesn’t require a response.

I hold her for a bit and then when I start to feel tired I move back over to my bed. She’s asleep in minutes.

The next morning she gets up before I do and leaves without saying anything. Turns out Dad’s bird received a text saying that she had an amazing night and would love to do it again sometime. Of course she was referring to the whole night but, well, you know what.

For me, the interesting thing about this apart from being another social circle lay is that this was pure natural game in that practically nothing I did was conscious or forced apart from holding her hand just before kissing her. It just came from who I am as a person and probably the logistics of the situation helped. Also, it’s the first time I’d fucked a girl who had a boyfriend. I had absolutely no qualms about this as I really had done nothing to generate the situation. She wanted it, I merely helped her out. I’m sure she’ll go back and continue her relationship with him. After all I’m going to be away for four months and we didn’t exchange any contact details anyway.

Also IT guy didn’t fuck Doctor girl as she was far too drunk and he quite rightly doesn’t take advantage of women like that.

That’ll be my unlucky lay number 13 then.

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