Sunday, 15 February 2009

My Bloody Valentine

So I had been texting the girl I met in Jewel the previous weekend. We arranged to meet up on Saturday – Valentine’s Day! But that meant nothing, it was just a date and it happened to be on that day.

So we met up at Hammersmith and we walked to the Dove – but the whole place was packed out. So we go to the Old Ship. But it’s closed. WTF? That better reopen in time for the Boat Race, that’s all I’m saying. So we go to the Black Lion and grab some armchairs by the fire.

As is so often the case, she’s not as hot as I remember her, though she isn’t bad by any means. But she is noticeably older than I remember. Turns out she’s 36, which is a bit much for me. Plus, she’s a Christian. Not a too dogmatic one thankfully, though still, it’s not something I want to deal with.

We talk about everything under the sun. I try to explain my view of metaphysics, but I don’t do a particularly good job of it. I describe my newly-formed view why India is so over-adorned, pluralist and chaotic based on the fertility of the land, though I don’t do a good job of that either. There is lots of comfort building. I try to move the conversation sexual a few times, but it doesn’t go anywhere. I need to work on that.

We go through a couple of drinks and a couple of hours. I’m talking a lot and my sore throat is suffering. At one point I go to the loo and hang there for a short while just to give my throat a rest.

I give her my drugs history and a few other bits and pieces, though not the ladyboy story! I talk about my depression and lack of confidence in the past. She tells me that I come across as very confident. Which is nice, and I guess I do.

After ages she has to go to meet friends, so we walk back to the station. On the way back she tells me she wants to ask me a question… where is this going I wonder… does she want a quickie? She tells me that she’d like to invite me to church tomorrow. Humph. I let her down gently. That’s not my thing. I’m not going to turn into a bible basher, and though I believe in something that some people might call god, it’s not god as she knows it, and it’s about as far away from dogma as it can possibly be.

We hug goodbye and kiss on the cheek. Unfortunately I don’t think this one’s worth pursuing.

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