Sunday, 15 February 2009

I’ll come flying like a spark to inflame you

So I’ve been a bit ill for most of the week. It started on Tuesday with aches in my bones and a sore throat, which slowly developed into a cough, a sort throat and occasional sneezing.

I’d also had a pretty hectic week, working until 10 one day, though Friday afternoon was enjoyably relaxed. I’d been debating with myself the whole day whether I would go out as the previous night’s sleep was constantly interrupted by random bouts of energetic coughing, but I had been more or less OK during the day.

As ever my rule is “If in doubt, always go out,” so I did. We were off to Hoxton and although the traffic was pretty bad (it took me the best part of an hour to get there) by the time I arrived I had got myself into a good state and I felt pretty energetic.

We met at light bar briefly then headed to Cargo. It was the full gang: me, Jon, Liam, Pete, Greig (who had resurfaced after a few weeks of doing his own thang) and Jake. I’m really glad Jake’s joined us as he approaches very naturally and easily, and it’s good to have that vibe around to encourage us all. Plus he looks more French than he used to, which is pretty cool.

However my initial energy isn’t sustained and soon I’m feeling a bit blocked in my approaching. I manage to talk to a few girls but only a line or two each. My heart’s not in it.

One really awkward thing I’ve noticed is that when I’m sarging with Grieg is that my game suffers. It’s for two reasons: it’s more fun to chat shit with him than to talk to girls, and if we’re both considering opening girls, he’s more likely to do it before I get the chance, therefore preventing me. I need to sarge away from him. Or perhaps open before he does!

Anyway once again I get distracted by the music. There’s a band playing who are OK, but the drummer is excellent (and the sound engineering is first class too). They’re called Principles of Geometry and are, or course, by law as this is Cargo, electro. Doing my research on the interwebs thingy I find out that (a) they are French and despite that, (b) they are really good recorded as well.

I think the difference tonight from when I’ve been approaching well recently, is that there’s not that underlying energy and fun, carelessness (not giving a shit) and happy go lucky spirit that’s served me so well. The illness has brought this on a bit. But it’s good that I can now see this. I need to have this feeling, or know how to get to that feeling, when I’m out of state.

The best interaction of the night comes when Greig goes to the bar to get a drink for both of us. I’m on my own, so what else is there to do but open? I turn around a see a girl sitting on her own. I haven’t thought of an opener so I go with “Hey, how’s it going?” She’s nice and friendly and we have a good chat. Halfway through Greig comes up and gives me my drink and leaves me to it. After a while I find out that she has a boyfriend, so there’s not much point in pursuing it much further. I thank her and tell her I’m off to find my friends.

I meet up with the others and we have a chat. Greig’s feeling incongruous as he really likes his girl in New York, so he has less incentive to actually sarge other girls. Well, frankly he needs to man up! It’s fairly late and I need my rest so I decide to head back.

The next day it turns out Greig ended up snogging a girl, which just goes to show, er, something or other. Apparently he opened with the Sarkozy opener, which is gold. Sounds like a chess move. Although he snogged her when no one else was around, so it’s probably all LIES!!!


It probably wasn’t worth going out when I was feeling ill.

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