Friday, 5 September 2008

Down with the Sickness

So a couple of days after coming back from holiday and I get struck down with food poisoning. A couple of days in bed, eating nothing but bread and chicken stock and constantly having “poo-wee” has kind of taken it’s toll.

But it has allowed me to watch the whole of The Flight of the Conchords which is awesome (my favourites are the West End Girls spoof “Inner City Pressure” and the French song) and also the whole of The Pick Up Artist.

What did I learn from the latter? That I can go into a kiss close much earlier than I had previously thought. Having said that, the show is of course edited so timings are necessarily contracted but even allowing for that I need to push myself to escalate more. Also ramping up the tease / push-pull material and piling it on to create attraction.

The show itself is standard US reality TV and Mystery doesn’t come across as such a self-obsessed arsehole as I kind of heard he did. Although the stuff with the medallion signs and meanings was a little bit over the top.

Also the other thing was that it was clear from the start who would win, unfortunately that was the guy with the best looks and personality. God knows why that guy thought he was bad with women. He also looked a lot like a Colombian guy I used to work with, who was also a hit with the chicks. Respect for the guy who came third though as he was a fat bastard but made it work for him!

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