Monday, 1 September 2008

August in Review

So here’s an assessment of how I’ve done over August, and my goals for September.

August Goals

Number close 15 times

I number closed once, and gave my number to three girls, one of whom called me back. Now although this is less than July, in July two of those numbers were ugly chicks that I number closed for the practice, so shouldn’t really count. But however you cut the cake I haven’t improved on this so it still needs attention. However I also probably need to look to number close the cute-but-not-hot girls that I have some connection with, as I need to ease out of my comfort zone a bit more.

Kiss close five times

I haven’t kiss closed once, so I need to work on this as well.

Go on three “Day Twos”

I haven’t been on any Day Twos. Given the success rate of the previous goals I think I need to focus a bit more on the number and kiss closing before focussing on this.

Get laid once

Nope – see above!

Go out six times a week at least (day or night game)

Well at this rate I should have gone out about 27 times in August, and by my calculations I went out 24 times, which is just under 10% away from the total, so not too bad.

Research and implement how to turn my conversation seductive, and use it five times.

Still not really done this, but have picked up pointers from Fargo – use routines to tease them and amp up attraction, a bit of cocky funny too, and sexually escalate whenever you can. I can do a bit of this through dancefloor game too. Kino is pretty much the key here.

Go sarging solo five times

I think I made four, which isn’t too bad. Though worryingly I went from opening five sets with difficulty, to opening no sets at all. There are some logistical considerations to take into account, but I need to keep trying at this.

Open at least five people each session and stay in set for at least five minutes once successfully opened.

I hit that a couple of times, but in the last week or two I’m starting to see the lack of value in this goal as it goes against my goal of staying in set and escalating. I think the latter goal is more important to me now, so I’m going to focus on that. I think opening a couple of good sets each session and getting number closes from them will be of a lot more help for me.

Get some routines down to keep in conversation in set

I still need to do this. I did start writing a cheat sheet but I’ve now got to use it and implement it regularly in set.

Continue to use the Psychocybernetics visualisation techniques

I used this once to great effect, and a couple of other times not so well. I need to keep using this as it can be very effective with helping to change my beliefs.

Continue to attend LSS talks and bootcamps as costs allow (i.e. mainly the cheapest ones!)

Went on one bootcamp which wasn’t so great but at least confirmed my thoughts about what I need to do. I’d still like to go on others, but will pick and choose a bit more.

Other stuff (qualitative learning)

  • Went to a bunch of new venues for the first time: Sports Café, Punk (even though I felt intimidated), a bunch of venues in Hoxton, Fulham.
  • Instructor frame gives me confidence
  • Still don’t care about getting blown out.
  • Solid alpha body language
  • Staying in set is the new goal
  • Can sometimes force myself to approach through crippling solo day game AA
  • I read an “Approach anxiety is bullshit” post which helped my thinking – my thoughts are that yes it does exist but you can overcome it through systematic desensitisation. The attitude is to really don’t care about the outcome; I still care about this a bit, but excuse it with social calibration. It is all in your head, but you need to change your head and this happens over time.
  • Opened a high pressure set
  • Need to open more mixed sets
  • Generally more teasing and better conversations.
  • Realised that I am pretty good at social calibration. Feeling a lot more comfortable and confident in sets.
  • I forget a lot of stuff (despite knowing all the state capitals in the US…!) Need to work on how to organise my life better.
  • I’m always low energy (sometimes from exercise) and Lucozade really helps with this
  • I have developed a new approach to help me learn natural game. I have found it hard to go in with direct sexual openers or direct game. But I now have a sequence to help get me in state: use the hair opener on the first set, then ninjas vs pirates on the second, then go natural / direct after that.
  • I have natural curiosity comfort game down.
  • I have dancefloor game and escalation down pretty good! (though not in Punk)
  • As a group we have social proof game down pretty well!
  • I am starting to get self-motivated to open, and forcing myself to open when I don’t want to. Now when anyone asks if I should open a set, I always say yes. I have not regretted this once which is the important thing and a massive learning.
  • I don’t notice IOIs, so should learn to, and I should escalate earlier than I think as I probably have interest but don’t know it.
  • Received my first call back!
  • Did some international sarging and one night of textbook routine game in Amsterdam.
  • I don’t seem to be biting my nails as much.
New Goals for September

So these are the goals for September which I’ve adapted from the goals for August. Some of them are revised down a bit as I’m clearly expecting too much from myself too soon. Plus I’ll be going travelling before the end of the month, so that might throw a logistical spanner into the works, but we’ll see what happens.

  • Number close 10 times
  • Kiss close three times
  • Day 2 or get laid once
  • Continue to go out six times a week at least (day or night game)
  • Keep on trying to turn my conversation seductive.
  • Go sarging solo seven times
  • Open at least three people each session, and stay in set for at least ten minutes once successfully opened with two of them.
  • Get some routines down to keep in conversation in set
  • Continue to use the Psychocybernetics visualisation techniques
  • Continue to attend LSS talks and bootcamps as costs allow (i.e. mainly the cheapest ones!)
Probably one of my problems here (and something that Paul reminded me of) is that there's too much to think about here. I need to focus. So here is my focus for September:

  1. Open at least three people each session, and stay in set for at least ten minutes once successfully opened with two of them.
  2. Number close everyone

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