Friday, 27 November 2009

We’re going deep, baby

So last night I had a minor revelation along the lines of this previous post. I was stoned once again, I had been to the chiropractors earlier in the evening (I mention this as it’s sorting out my posture problems, and if you believe that tensions in the body can reflect tensions in the mind, and that affecting one will affect the other, this has relevance), and late in the evening I started getting introspective.

The thing is, I’m a little bit gay. It’s not easy to admit though I have discussed it with a few close friends in the past, but I find men attractive. This is a bit of a problem for me, as I don’t want to be gay. But is that true, am I really gay? It’s a question that I have kind of avoided answering, probably because I was scared of what the answer might be. But last night I decided to see if I could answer that question once and for all.

I sat on my bed and thought, am I gay? Well like I said I find men attractive. What that means is that when I see a good looking man, it’s like a mild shock. But then I thought about it more, did I want to have sex with these people? Well, frankly, no. I certainly don’t want anyone fucking me up the ass, and I have no desire to fuck another guy up the ass. It does make me feel ill. I needn’t have been worried.

But there is an additional concern, one which I’ve written about before, which is that sometimes I have a problem with getting it up when having sexy times with women. I’ve often thought that that might be a reflection of my sexuality. And it is a concern for me. So I decided to analyse the thought “I have trouble getting aroused when sexually escalating with women,” by using The Work of Byron Katie (much recommended for inner game BTW). Is it true? Well fuck no!

Side FR

A few weeks ago my email account got hacked. Stupidly my password was a common word followed by one number and no special characters. Anyway the hacker / bot sent out an email to my entire address book with some spam. Obviously it looked like it came from me so I had to send out an email to everyone again letting them know the email hadn’t come from me and to say sorry.

Anyway the upshot of all of this is a handful of people I hadn’t been in contact with for a while got back in contact with me. Which is nice. Every cloud, eh? Now one of these people was a girl I picked up about five years ago. I met her in Mother bar in Shoreditch, she was Colombian, hot sexy body, light brown skin, unusual face – kind of Aztecy in a way, not classically beautiful though.

Anyway we went on a few dates and snogged but she had hang ups about sex due to an aggressive father. Despite that I managed to get her down to her bra and knickers in bed, frantically rubbing herself against my hard cock while she came from clitoral stimulation. I had to clean myself up with tissues. Not quite proper sex but still. It was pretty hot.

Anyway I didn’t want to fuck her then because of her issues and frankly I wanted her to deal with them on her own terms, it wasn’t my responsibility after all. So we stopped seeing each other. Fast forward five years or so and she gets back in contact after the hack, and after I finish being busy at work we decide to meet up.

That was the day before last night. We just had a couple of drinks and talked and caught up about what had happened in our lives since we last met. We talked about Colombia and where I should visit when I go there next year. She still had the same hot body, despite being 38 now(!). I was still attracted to her. We talked about relationships, which of course I led into talking about sex. We were lightly touching each other, she fiddled subconsciously with my wrist bands. After one drink I hinted at calling it a night, she went to buy a second. To cut a short story shorter, at the end of the night we kissed, and she didn’t want to stop. It made me hard and afterwards I went home and had a legendary wank.

One thing to notice about this is how common this sort of experience is for me now. Met with girl, kissed her. It happens, and I know how to make it happen. This is good.

So the point of all this is how short our memories can be – only the next night I was wondering if I really found women attractive. Well the evidence of the previous night was that of course I do! I’ve had girlfriends, I’ve had a bunch of lays, I’ve got hard and fucked them all. It’s just that sometimes I don’t, but that’s not every time and it’s not what defines my sexuality.

So let’s get back to The Work.

“I have trouble getting aroused when sexually escalating with women,”
Is it true? No
How do I feel when I think that thought? Anxious, annoyed, concerned about my sexuality. Insecure.
What would life be like if I didn’t think that thought? I’d have a roaring sex drive and go after every woman I liked, I wouldn’t be afraid of escalating, I’d be like a dog on heat, I’d be a stud, I’d be getting tons of pussy. I’d be a man, a player, a pimp. I’d be raw sexuality personified.
And the turn around. “I easily get aroused when sexually escalating with women.” Is that true? Yes, look at the example above. That’s all I needed to know.

But there is another reason why I have performance issues. I think it comes from when I was growing up, I was very anti the mainstream of social behaviour – I had rejected standard male behaviour as I wasn’t into football, girls, being alpha in the school context. I had rejected all of that. And as a result I had rejected the (as I saw it) crass, aggressive pursuit of women that everyone seemed to espouse (indeed that line of thought is reinforced regularly in some places, for example various articles in the Grauniad). Instead I focussed on how bad this was: it led to rape, violence, I only focussed on all the negative aspects of uncontrolled male (straight) sexuality.

I had created this belief that “male-led sexuality” (for want of a better term) was a bad thing. But it’s not! It simply isn’t! Of course there is a line of behaviour which no one should cross (and we can argue the dynamics of where that should be and how to measure it for ever) but at the end of the day, what the female sexuality requires is a man to lead and excite them, and everybody wins (frankly, with the clitoris and multiple orgasm, I think they get more out of the deal, but that’s another story).

So the conclusions I drew are to focus on these two thoughts, and reaffirm to myself how true they are, and the evidence from the world that supports them:

Girls make me horny.
Sex is a great thing for humanity.

As a foot note, the increased awareness that I experienced from having this clarity of thought meant that I didn’t want to smoke more weed – it’s as if I knew it was bad for me and I physically couldn’t bring myself to do it. This is a good sign, however you’ll be pleased to know that I did eventually. Still, it was an interesting moment.

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